Friday, March 04, 2011

Upping the Ante

So here we are in Me-Making-March and I am making a genuine effort to... um... make an effort! I have been called "glamorous" twice this week! :D
Tuesday: (the day of Disasters) I wore all me-made: my grey/green Bella trousers and the dark red 50's twin-set. This is a combination that works really well. The high waist of the trousers suits the proportions of the cropped cardi and when I take that off, there is the cute little short-sleeved sweater underneath.
Wednesday: I wore my rockabilly rose skirt with a black ballet-neck sweater and my granny's "jet" beads. This took me from work to an appointment with my financial adviser (!) and then to the theatre with FL. OMG - hark at me with my high-powered jet-set lifestyle!
Thursday: Pictures at last! I wore Audrey-in-Unst and Aestlight over my new dress. Gasp! I bought a dress!

Forgive my gushing, but I saw this 40's style dress in the Brora catalogue last season and was so full of wist for it, but couldn't imagine spending £135 on a viscose frock. Whizz forward a few months and Brora announced their clearance sale and reduced this dress to £39! So all my "thou shalt eschew shop-bought" principles went straight out of the window and this lovely thing is now mine, all mine! Mwah hah hah hah!
I so rarely wear dresses that it took me a while to sort out how best to stay warm (bare arms,v- neck), but my green Audrey cardi goes surprisingly well with this "cinnamon and plum" colourway.

And at the last moment I realised that Aestlight is an almost perfect match - woo hoo! An amber necklace (a present from FL a few years ago) was the finishing touch, to distract eyes from my "glad neck", as my mother would call it.
I took a close-up to show you my new lipstick... but I had my nose in the air so edited the photo(oh vanity, vanity!) This was an entirely out-of-character buy, as it was really rather expensive (Chanel-style prices). But I needed a fix of everyday vintage glamour.

You can almost see my lipstick in this picture, if you click to make it larger.

It is Dusty Rose by Besame.

I admit that I was seduced by the packaging: a red velvet pouch and pretty gold case. And it smells lovely too - like honey and chocolate. As I only own two other lipsticks (and one of those came free with a chocolate bar) I thought it was a good investment.

It goes on smoothly, and stays put for hours, despite my desktop tea-drinking habit. No unfortunate colour-transfer incidents occurred: if my chin looks pink it is because my chin is pink!

Also seen in the background: my 2011 calendar from OhBara. This was my Christmas present to myself. It is so lovely I cannot bring myself to write on it! My office is so drab and grey and I spend so much time there, I really wanted to bring some colour and craftiness to my space.
Plants on my desk next!
There is a definite theme of self-indulgence and retail therapy creeping into this post. I do not apologise for this.


mooncalf said...

My office is dreary too. The cactus and spider plant add little charm. I do have shelf-bunting though.

I would like to be inspired to improve my office. I am thinking of an office monster.. but the balance between personality and unprofessionalism is difficult to achieve...

Myrna said...

Without seeing it up close - I have an amber necklace that looks very much like yours. Also a gift from my husband. I love it.

Retail therapy makes sense in your situation. The care of the caregiver is so often overlooked. It's stressful and a hard role to be in. Taking care of yourself is important and that means a little spoiling now and then. Been there, doing that.

Sigrid said...

Great outfits ! Your knitwear and sewn clothing really work so well together both stylistically and colorwise-- it's like you planned a "collection!"

Scruffybadger said...

I think you are entering into the spirit of MMM very well! The very fact that you make things that are described as "glamourous" feels very familiar! Do we make things that we fall in love with, but do not always serve practical parts of our lives? I know most of my handmades get worn at work... Thankfully I'm never tempted by evening or cocktail dresses!! I love the sound of your unpictured outfits - plus that dress is particularly gorgeous (esp with your woollies)

faeriecollege said...

I don't think you have anything to apologise for. Doing what you enjoy doing is not wrong.

And again, I love your Audrey. I need to make one.

Ali said...

Great outfits, full skirt and audrey cardigan particularly flattering and classic. :)

christinelaennec said...

Absolutely beautiful clothes. i really like the skirt in the top photo. And what a bargain that dress is. Well-done you! I completely agree that the caregiver needs some pampering. And I'd say what you've done with the office is humanise it.

Roobeedoo said...

Mooncalf - an office monster?! I think that might be too much for my workplace! ;)

And the skirt in the top picture is actually the bottom half of the dress - these photos were all taken at the same time.

Thanks for your comments - I want to do some more work on "humanising" my office. I will update you on progress!

feresaknit said...

B regularly buys chocolate bars but I never see any lipstick! ;D