Friday, March 11, 2011

A Week in the Life of Betty Jean

One week into knitting my Betty Jean McNeil cardigan, and I have shrugged off all delusions that I might finish this project within a month.
I have been working away at it, slowly but surely, even taking it to work to complete a couple of sneaky rows in my lunchbreak. Two rows is the most I have managed!
This is the finest-gauge garment I have ever attempted. Although I am using the same yarn as for my Audrey in Unst, the needles are a whole millimetre smaller. Stop laughing at the back - a millimetre means a lot in needle sizes!
But it is a satisfying knit. I love shetland wool. It feels like "the real thing".

I am currently on the "waist shaping" section, which is a clear marker of progress. Isn't it?

I may have to buy more wool. But not yet.

And I found the perfect buttons on eeebaaay: 1940's celluloid in dark turquoise. The seller had orange ones too, but it wasn't quite the right shade. These are perfect!


daisydonut said...

Sorry Miss, it weren't me laughing in the back,honest!

The buttons are divine, such a lovely colour. I think you're progress on Betty Jean is amazing - it would take me months of on off knitting to get that far!

christinelaennec said...

You've made tremendous progress - remember, you are making fronts and back! (Your post title is hilarious as well.) Although you're impatient to be finished, I think you'll love that cardigan for years to come and every minute will have been well worth the effort. Beautiful buttons!

faeriecollege said...

You are making great progress indeed! And just think, you're going to get a lot of knitting out of this pattern, which I suppose only works if you're a process knitter as opposed to a product knitter. In case of the latter, please ignore the previous sentence and think of just how amazing it will look when you're done.

The buttons are divine.