Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Day Weekend

I took the day off work on Friday as The Girl's school was closed for training.

I spent most of Friday weeding and seeding, which of course left me too dizzy to do much else this weekend - oops!

So I sat down with Betty Jean... and am pleased to report I have finished the colourwork section - woo hoo!

The Girl thinks it is hilarious that I didn't know what " a free pass" meant. She has explained (aged 14). So y'all must be having a good laugh at my celebrity list... pah!

Thank you for all those lovely comments on my new trousers and top. It's great when a plan works out!

My next sewing project is slightly stalled. I had every intention of zipping through a casual-wear top this weekend... but the pattern hasn't arrived. It will be the first "modern" pattern I have bought in a long long time. Maybe it will come in time for next weekend when I get two public holidays stapled either side of the weekend - imagine that!

If you are reading this in England you will be smiling smugly right now because you're halfway through one of those already. I stick my tongue out at you : p

Rather than be stalled completely, I have cut out this 60's cowl neck top in the fabric sent to me by Scruffy Badger. My, but it is slippery stuff!

It is looking quite wide, but I am not in the mood to do battle with it right now, so I will stick to knitting... and maybe do some more desultory digging. The 30 plug plants are in place but there are still far too many weeds and a rabbit corpse to be dealt with. Easter Bunny, anyone?


Sandy said...

Grim... the bunny body. But hope your Easter was otherwise delightful.

jessica said...

Oooh! Enjoy the extra time!

That colorwork looks gorgeous =). Betty Jean, you will be a knockout! Also, am jealous of how even your colorwork is. I'm working on my first piece of colorwork now and it definitely pulls in some areas and the gauge grew in others.

christinelaennec said...

Betty Jean is looking lovely! Isn't a free pass what you get when you turn 60?

Kestrel said...

That colourwork is looking fantastic!

faeriecollege said...

A rabbit corpse? Oh GROSS.

But YAY you're almost done with Betty Jean. Go Roo go!

Steph said...

I figured you were being classy with your "Free pass" list and were thinking more along the lines of a dinner party.

Great colorwork. What a ridiculous amount of public holidays. It's much the same here in Oz. I hate them. I can't work and my regular routine with my daughter (library, museums, etc) becomes completely upended. Waaahh.

Roobeedoo said...

Yes Christine, you are right. IT was all about bus passes... NOT!

Thanks for the Betty Jean support! If only she wasn't worked on such tiny needles! One hour's gardening equals perhaps three rows of knitting - eek!