Saturday, April 30, 2011

The "as F as it will ever be" O: 60's cowl top

No lipstick, Roo? That's a bad sign!

This top was intended as a wearable muslin of Vogue 6601, a cowl-necked "overblouse" from the early 1960's.

My intention was to make a couple of long-sleeved versions out of cotton jersey as a more stylish alternative to t-shirts.

But when I opened out the vintage pattern, I found that the previous owner hadn't taken care when cutting it, and had sliced through the top of the cowl section, leaving me to redraft the front neckline from looking at the line drawings. I think I made a good stab at it, but it all went downhill from there...
The fabric was a gift from Scruffy Badger. She too struggled with its slippery properties and ended up with a Pendrell sleeve in the wrong place.

I took lots of precautions: pinning, basting, more basting... and that was just to cut out the pieces!

Ever cut a top on the bias of a fabric that slithers and stretches out of shape as soon as look at it? Grrr.

But I persevered. I made the neck work. I replaced the full-length back zip with a shorter one, just long enough to let me in and out. Then I tried it on. Just to see.

The front view isn't too bad, though it's not terribly cowl-like.

But you can see from the side view that it is just not pretty.

The weight of the back zip is dragging the cowl up and back, so the whole thing slips off my shoulders and droops,creating an unattractive hunchback look.

The back view is truly ugly: shapeless, baggy, sack-like. I have tried everything to keep it forwards and down, but it just won't behave.

So I won't be bothering to face the sleeves or hem it. It's a wadder.

Please don't tell me just to take it in a bit and pin the shoulders to my bra straps. It is never going to make me happy and I need to move on, lesson learned.

Life is too short to waste any more time on the Slytherin Thing.

The good news?

My Lisette pattern arrived today - yay!


ashley0107 said...

What a shame! Never mind, onwards and upwards! I can't wait to see the Lisette pattern :)
Ashley x

faeriecollege said...

Awww, that's so unfortunate! So much potential. But you're right. It definitely isn't worth it to keep struggling with it. There are too many other things that'll work without the mess!

Kestrel said...

How annoying, I hate it when you spend a lot of time on something and it turns on wrongly. I think you're right to move on, you don't want to have feelings of anger every time you like at it. You could always just cut it up and make something totally different, like a purse or something.

Debi said...

I hate it when patterns are a disappointment. I'm working on a 60's dress at the moment and's not exciting me at the moment!!

Paula said...

I think that happened to me a couple times and I just plain gave up on clothes making - except for little girls dresses & Halloween costumes! Good for your perserverence! sp

christinelaennec said...

So sorry Day 2 was not quite as triumphant as Day 1 - but overall I still think the positives outweigh the negatives. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend! (Cue some cliché about process versus outcome, etc.)

Oh and thank you for the laugh over "Slytherin Thing"!! Perhaps that nickname was its raison d'ĂȘtre!

Steph said...

Well, at least you can cut your losses and move on now. These things happen to all of us. Don't you want to strangle that careless seamstress who came before?

Sigrid said...

Good idea to just move on. Sometimes I wonder if the illustrations were just some idealized idea of how something was supposed to look.

Anyway, can wait to see the Lisette pattern. I tried to buy it when it was on sale at JoAnns but they were all sold out. Anyway, I can't decide if it would look okay on me. So I'm on the fence and can use any help to decide if I want to get serious about making it.

Lizzi said...

Good for you! sometimes it just isn't worth all the effort - and never will be. Move on, lesson learned (what was the lesson?)

Sandy said...

Yep, if you're not happy then it's time to do something else. How about offering it up to a second-hand shop as a donation? Perhaps someone else will fall in love with it and it will be a better fit for them? Having it around is only a reminder of (like Pooh said) What Didn't Work.
Have fun with the next one...

Cecelia said...

That's a shame, it's such a cute pattern. This one is not vintage, but I've been having great success with Butterick 4132. It's for woven, but works great with stretch knits, so I use it as a dressier l/s T or tank. Superquick and easy too...if you're into that sort of thing ;)

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks everyone!
And Cecelia - thanks for that pattern recommendation, I had a look at it and it does look like the top I was trying to make, so if it is supereasy and quick too? I am there!

Scruffybadger said...

Oh Roobeedoo! (I'm back!) I am so sorry that it's not been a success - & with such high hopes too. I feel responsible :-(

That fabric had me - but I thought it was just my inadequacies & laziness - I felt sure that you would nail it. But for the pattern to double the trouble. The good news for me is that this was last week & you have moved on!!! Make it into knickers?!!Nutmeg??