Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Big Switchover i.e. SPRING!

OK, I admit it. It is spring. There are daffodils everywhere, and I have the bedroom window open for the first time in about six months - about the same time as my last seasonal wardrobe switchover.

And was I ever so ready for a breath of fresh air!

I hauled everything out onto the bed.

Oh my goodness!

Three hours later and there were heaps everywhere.

There was a bag labelled "winter probation", until I realised it was taking up the space I needed for my home-made winter coat.

So - bye bye bobbly thermal vests and holey Uniqlo sweater dress, your time is up!

Did I really expect to like them when October comes around again?

And there is a heap of "problem children" to be attended to: a skirt to take in; a blouse to lengthen; another skirt to refashion into a bias-cut cowl neck top when the pattern arrives.

But it was genuinely uplifting to welcome my summery me-mades back into my wardrobe - woo hoo!

And there is more than I remembered, too! I have enough self-stitched summery tops to see me through the week without a laundry crisis. They even look like they were created with a palette in mind!

But what I have very quickly realised is that my apparent affection for my grey-green Bella trousers back in September was not just a quirk. I simply do not own many plain-coloured bottom halves. Lucky I am halfway through making some navy 40's trousers, eh?

I need to stop ogling the printed voile and the fancy quilting cottons in my stash and concentrate on making some basics that work with the tops I already have: more trousers; perhaps a pair of smart shorts; definitely a black skirt!

Then, and only then can I get back to the exciting stuff!

Oh - and I have a severe need for a black cardigan. Though Betty Jean would be pretty useful too!


Jane said...

I've just done the same thing and come to the same conclusion! I made a pair of 1940's trousers earlier this year and they go with EVERYTHING. Looking forward to seeing yours. I need to make another pair, plus some plain skirts. It's definitely those pesky voiles tempting me away. x

christinelaennec said...

Happy spring, Roobeedoo!

Minnado said...

The navy 40s trousers sound very good. I too lack plain trousers and skirts. Your post reminded me to sort out our winter stuff yesterday, putting away scarves, gloves, hats and heavy coats. Thank you - my hall way is so much clearer with only summer hats.

mooncalf said...

I nearly did that this weekend. And then I spoke to my mother and she basically warned me not to cast my clouts until April was behind us. I'm not sure...

Roobeedoo said...

Mooncalf - MY mother says it is May before you should cast a clout. And I had to put my parka, boots and woolly hat on today! TYPICAL!

Sandy said...

One late week in April several decades ago, I was about to be married. My father had planted many, many bulbs of crocuses (croci?) and freesias in the fall and was eagerly expectant for the colorful display.

Shock! Awe! Disappointment! A big freeze in New England for two days did its damage... my father was not amused at my cavalier attitude about the disaster. I went out and looked at the wilted spring flowers and proclaimed: "The crocuses have croaked and the freesias are freezing!"

He was unable to imagine a wedding without flowers all around, so he 'made arrangements' and had the local florist 'rent' him their spring display for one day. But we never forgot that April is a fickle month for flowers. And for folks, too.... brrrrr.