Monday, April 25, 2011

Can we talk about shorts?

I'm a big Busby Berkeley fan.

If I had my time again I would be tap, tap, tapping away on the Broadway stage!

So when I saw this pattern on Etsy a kaleidoscope of high-kicking ladies popped up and danced around my desk. WOW!

But it's time to get real. Somewhere between 1981 and 2011 I got older... and so did my knees.

However, I do wonder whether I might be able to wear some shorts to work this summer?

Obviously, nothing quite as short as Miss Ruby Keeler!

ASOS has some gorgeous pairs in their current range of 208 different styles: 208?! So if you are in the market for buying a pair that would be a great place to start.

But of course I want to sew something...

This little number from the 1930's is rather special!

So is the price.

But I like the skirt-like pleats.

This more recent pattern has a similar look.
And I like that they picture Julia Roberts wearing View A! ; )

View C is a pair of shorts, honest.

But are we heading into "culotte" territory, beloved of trainee teachers in the 1990's? (Yes, I admit it, I am talking about myself!)
And then there is the early 1960's approach to shorts - well, hot pants!
I like this pattern a lot: that Mod-looking top, capri pants - it's got everything!

But I keep coming back to KNEES.

"Knees in the workplace?": Discuss.

And are capri pants in danger of looking "dated" rather than "vintage"?

Would I look like I was referencing the Land's End catalogue clearance sale rather than Audrey Hepburn?


ashley0107 said...

Do you remember when these were trying to become popular?

However, I think you would make shorts that were cute! :) I like the mod pattern! And capri pants are so adorable! I'd like to wear shorts, but I have 'thunder thighs' so I stick to skirts with a pair of Luvees underneath! lol
I'd go for it, why not?
Ashley x

Clare said...

tights are your friend! knee problems solved in an instant :)

Steph said...

I'm 26 and live on the slow side of the world, so FWIW....

I don't think capris are dated! As long as they are a color suitable for the person and the occasion and if they fit well, then who cares? As for what you'd be referencing, just make sure you go for a top that's more Audrey than Land's End. Maybe a button-down with a Sabrina-style neckline or a lightweight turtleneck in a dark color? I don't know. My biggest rule is dress to please yourself. At least then someone's happy.

Knees in the workplace? Do you wrangle crocodiles? Is it your job to pull drowning people out of the surf? Is your workplace called Hooters? :)

Oh! When I read the first part of your post, I couldn't help but think of Mrs. Henderson Presents. In fact, I may put it on right now. It's wonderful, it's the true story of a Cabaret-revue in London from the 30's through the war. Delicious to watch, and it's a really good movie. You'll get your tap pant fix, I promise.

Kate said...

I am a big fan of shorts of all kinds, and love these pattern examples - particularly the 1930s 'sporting' one. How I would love to whip off my skirt, to reveal a nifty playsuit! I actually don't ever wear jeans or 'long' trousers, and live in skirts and shorts all year round. On the knees front, I get my legs out in April, and they don't go back in until October. They lose their hideous winter pallor pretty quickly. All knees seem weird if you look at them for too long (that's wot I tell myself, anyway.) Bring on the Roo-sewn shorts!

Steph said...

Winter pallor is sexy.

Roobeedoo said...

Steph said: Knees in the workplace? Do you wrangle crocodiles? Is it your job to pull drowning people out of the surf? Is your workplace called Hooters? :)

In the words of a teenager: ROFLOL

Where I work is... not like that. Not like that AT ALL!

Katherine said...

I think Capri pants are lovely - I haven't seen a Land's End catalogue for years. You could totally rock the Audrey look.

Lizzi said...

sorry - forgot to hit the name button.

christinelaennec said...

I can just see you in capris! I think it would be great. I can also imagine you in dressy longer shorts, with tights. But that seems like more of an autumn look? Or is the Scottish summer like everyone else's autumn?
And if you're nervous about your outfit, just wear enormous dark sunglasses no-one will know it's you!

Stevie said...

All of these are kool. I love Capris!
In reply to your comment on my blog: I had thought about that silk voile, I wear vest tops under EVERYTHING! so its no worries! Where did you buy yours? Mine is from Ditto, are you in Brighton?
Stevie x

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Stevie - I see from your other comment that you "found" my fabric supplier - yes it was Ditto, but I bought it online. I am a long way from Brighton in rural Scotland!
Yes - I am thinking capris may be the way forward. My ankles are better than my knees! ;)