Friday, April 29, 2011

Day One of Four

Welcome to my 4-day weekend!

Day One:

Got up, baked Blueberry Spelt muffins for breakfast, shower, then out to the veg patch.

I wore my Brighton pavilions tunic today, and it fits me properly since I lost a couple of inches round the middle. Yay!

Covering the vegetable garden with old carpet tiles was an inspired idea! There were no weeds underneath, and the soil was moist and easily turned - woo hoo!

I sowed 5 rows of broad beans.

A ten minute tea break at 11am to see The Bride's Dress - yes, I approve, very 1930's bodice, I thought.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Set the slow cooker to make Chilli Pepper Pot (with chicken but no pork belly) from the usual recipe book.

Went to Lidl and did the weekly shop.

Cursory lunch.

Mended my black Simplicity 2501 blouse (the elastic had popped out of the puffed sleeve) and took in my Clothkits Ruby skirt by a couple of inches so I can wear it again - at last!

And I made a start on my slippery cowl neck top, before dinner and an evening watching Amelie, while getting on with Betty Jean.

My Lisette pattern did not arrive. Instead I received a receipt with a note: "balance of order to follow". Very frustrating! However, there is plenty of fabric in the stash to ponder... and three whole days stretching ahead of me!

A good day.


ashley0107 said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day! :)
I ended the day on a high, by ordering a new sewing machine!! Eee! :D lol
Ashley x

KristenMakes said...

I love productive and crafty days! how lovely!