Friday, April 22, 2011

FO: Simplicity 1388, Polka Dots and Ric-Rac!

On Sunday morning it was unexpectedly too sunny to weed... no, I can hardly believe it either!

So I thought I would stay indoors, cut out a Sencha blouse and start prepping the tailor tacks.

But while looking for the fabric, I came across this polka-dotted cotton, and suddenly a fully-formed plan popped into my mind and it was: go, go, go! Sew, sew, sew!

Your Honour... a badger made me do it ; )

This pattern was sent to me by Scruffy Badger and I fully admit that my interpretation is totally inspired by her recent pin-dot blouse refashion.

Plagiarism or tribute? You decide!

Polka Dots? TICK

Ric-Rac? TICK

Vintage cute factor? TICK


Simplicity 1388 from 1955 in size 32"

Fabric: one yard of dotted navy /white cotton. I think it was from Favourite Fabrics at eeebaaay, but I am not sure.


A relic from an early internet craft swop experience from a girl whose alias included "limone".

Sorry, wherever you are, I can't remember your name, but thank you so much for these buttons, they have finally found their perfect placement!

Other notions:

Two short zips: one at the back of the neck, one at the left side hem.

Bias binding for the neck and armholes.

A remnant of Ric-Rac from my Lola apron


Very very 50's-cute! I can imagine wearing this with capri pants, a headscarf and cat's eye sunglasses, sitting on a Vespa in Milan!

Crikey Roo, calm yourself, it's just a top!

Yeah, well maybe it is just a top to you, but to me it is absolutely full of fun and rockabilly attitude!

My only regret is that I used the only bias binding I had, and it shows a bit under the arms.... bright yellow polka dots are anything but shy and retiring! But I expect I will mostly wear this with a cardigan on top, since I don't exactly live in a Mediterranean climate, despite my tall tales of "too hot to garden"!

It is typically 50's-short, so can't be worn with my low-slung jeans, but is perfect with high-waisted trousers, or the wiggle skirt I have yet to make! It would be great with a red circle skirt...!

In summary: I got my sewing groove on, and I like it!

And what did FL say?

"It's a bit... Disneyland...?"

To which I replied:

But darling, I needed something new for the Royal Wedding! ; )


ashley0107 said...

It's so cute! The ric-rac on the collar is absolute genius! And the buttons. . .No of course I don't have blouse envy, nope never, not me! lol
Ashley x

Jane said...

Gasp! I absolutely LOVE it! Three of my favourite things all in one top: navy, polka dots and a Peter Pan collar. I think I may have to do a 'tribute' of my own, once I've hunted down the pattern on eBay like a mad thing! Gorgeous. x

Sølvi said...

This is adorable, love how you´ve used the ric-rac! Very prett blouse, and love the idea with this together with a red circle skirt.

Love it!

Cazz said...

I love it. Very cute and very you.

Kestrel said...

It's lovely - very cute and versatile.

Debi said...

LOVE this! The blouse is perfect with the polka dots and rick-rack and I love the matching buttons too! YAY!

Scruffybadger said...

I totally approve! (Actually it's love!!!!) For some reason my darned internet problems persist & I can't see pic 2, but all the others are a feast to my polka-ric-rac eyes. Interesting that there are 2 zips in it. Very very very lovely - so glad that it's all come together so serendipitously
Happy holiday weekend!

Lorna said...

Despite the fact my Summer dress at school was navy polka-dot I do like your blouse. The whole outfit really suits you. :-)

Suzy said...

Oh that blouse is sooo pretty, I love it! And you look gorgeous in the whole outfit :)

jenibrown said...

Super cute! The rick rack detail is great and it looks fab with those trousers

didyoumakethat said...

That is a truly gorgeous blouse and you look fabulous in it!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oohh!! That's gorgeous! And it would be fabulous with a skirt... ;)

christinelaennec said...

Others have said it, but it bears repeating: you look stunning and you're so clever!!

Ha ha, the word verification is "prize"! Yes indeed, one should go to you for these beautiful clothes.

jessica said...

Be prepared for a tribute/plagiarism to this blouse from California!!! That is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE this style that I see evolving on your blog (I mean, I think you've always known and owned your personal style, but it's like when you're a teenager and as you grow up you slowly fill out the edges of the core person that you always were ... am I making sense?)