Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Knitter Issue 31

I had to go to the big supermarket to buy spelt flour, and I picked up the latest issue of The Knitter, Issue 31, just to

have a look, you understand...

I documented my early love/hate relationship with this publication, which possibly didn't make me any friends in publishing, so I promise not to ramble on about the things I don't like.

Though my sharp tongue is just itching to comment on the WTF items..!

Moving on...

There are several things in here that I actively NEED to knit. Queue jumpers. It helps that there are some red-hot designers at work in this issue.

There is a pair of socks from Yarnissima herself: a toe-up design which uses a heart motif to absorb stitch increases, and sets the foot on a chevron bias, so strikes me as a great pattern for a subtley self-striping yarn? I want to try it anyway!

Susan Crawford of A Stitch in Time fame has contributed a 1920's-inspired mock-wrap sleeveless pullover called "Anyone For Tennis?" which combines - wait for it - JC Rennie lambswool with a fine thread of Habu stainless steel yarn in a herringbone stitch. I'll give you a minute to absorb all that information. Vintage, super-textured herringbone, local yarn: all that in one design?! She has even included instructions for two lengths - one "vintage" and one "for modern tastes". No chart for the stitch pattern and odd styling, but I am concentrating on what I like, remember!

And there is a Liz Lovick design for a lacey collar / capelet which has a sort of Edwardian / gothic feel in black, and has so much potential to cover a bare necked t-shirt in transitional weather conditions. So neat! So stylish!
But my real candidate for queue-jumper is a surprising choice on my part.

It is a Rowan All Seasons Cotton tunic in a hefty aran-patterned design by Martin Storey. Short sleeved. Shawl collared. Belted at the waist. The Girl hates it!

But I look at it and I see 1930's elegance, especially over swoopy wide-legged trousers - ooh I've got some of those! ; )

And All Seasons Cotton is reduced at Kemps at the moment... I am thinking light blue...

But I cannot allow myself to be distracted from Betty Jean - I just cannot! Upper yoke and sleeves still to be knitted... on 2.25mm needles. I may be some time.


ashley0107 said...

Those socks sound lovely! And that tunic is gorgeous, and I agree, I can totally see it with some wide-leg trousers! :)
Ashley x

tea and cake said...

we'll come and look for you, if you don't appear back here, soon!

Lizzi said...

I quite fancy the socks, too - I do subscribe but sometimes think the designers are on the wacky baccy!!

Kestrel said...

Interesting post as I've been mulling the merits of knitting and sewing magazines recently myself. There were a couple of gorgeous patterns in last month's edition.

happymousefairy said...

Hahaha, I'm so with you on the amount of WTF patterns in this publication (all of it, not just this issue)!
And then I remind myself that it's catering for all sorts of tastes, and my 'oooh, got to cast on immediately' pattern is someone else's 'WTF'.

That Martin Storey top will look perfect with your gorgeous trousers :-)

Suzy said...

Have not yet picked this magazine (have bought a few "Knitting" ones)! Very curious about your love-hate relationship..

mooncalf said...

ASC is cheaper at Cucumberpatch and when I last looked they had more colours.

I'd look lumpish in a cabled belted aran-weight cotton sweater but if anyone can pull it off it is you.