Thursday, April 14, 2011

New knitterly plans

I had a week's holiday from Betty Jean, and accepted my mother's invitation for her to unpick my 5 rows of mistakes in the colourwork while she watched tv. Thanks grandma!

While she did that, I worked on my 2LuvCrew sock and got as far as the "heel transition" of sock one. Then my brain gave out and I knitted and unpicked this section three times. I might abandon my attempts to continue the heart pattern into the heel. It's not as if it will ever be seen, and to be honest the stitch pattern is not particularly "visible" unless you know what you are looking for: it just looks like "some kind of lace" as The Girl put it.

This week, I am back to Betty Jean, with a whole new burst of enthusiasm.

This was brought on by discovering two "must knits", which have shot my queue to smithereens... again!

First up: a Patons and Baldwin's pattern from the 50's which is free, free, free! and can be found here.

Swallows! That tattoo-friendly symbol of rockabilly ladies, on a sweater!

I am thinking a Blueberry AlbaYarn cardigan with a nipped-in waist and Rowan red birds and red buttons... :D

Or even a little sweater, as writ. SO CUTE!

The next beauty to catch my eye had to be paid for, but is part of a booklet of several designs from the 1930's: Weldon's #294, and to be honest I can imagine knitting several of these lovely garments, immediately!

You can buy it here.

A new-to-me knitting sewing blogger has recently finished this sweater, though she made it in plain grey here. Lovely!

I love the triangular rib shaping at the waist! And the neck tie!

But I would have to knit this in... um... Albayarn! In Peat with Moody Blue and Thistle and maybe Broom checks...?!

N.B. I only have the Peat at the moment...

I don't know what I am going to do when A Stitch in Time Volume 2 comes out in June. Buy yarn, I expect!


Linda said...

It must be a mum thing as my mum would have unpicked rows for me . I also used to get her to seam my knitting for me. Her arthritis has stopped her from doing it so I've got to do my own now.
Good luck on the intarsia - I could never be bothered with it.

Cazz said...

Both those jumpers are gorgeous and I could so see you wearing both of them.
I do like the yarn you would pick too.
Wish I had the patience for such fine knitting. I love these vintage jumpers.
I have a swing one in my ravelry queue, that I need to figure out yarn for.

Kestrel said...

Oooooooh, these jumpers are so up my street.

Thanks for this post - even though I told myself yesterday I would be buying NO MORE patterns for 6 months and NO MORE wool until I had made a couple of projects I am in love with both of these gorgeous jumpers.

Where the nodding violets grow said...

Both of these jumpers are lovely. I love the blueberry albayarn.

feresaknit said...

mmm, have to agree with the girl you can see hearts when you know that's what your looking for.

The second vintage jumper would look stunning in the argyle-ish pattern. :D

faeriecollege said...

I remember seeing the Patons jumper and thinking "Oooh, Roo is going to LOVE that", and ha! I was right!

I can't WAIT for SiT2 to come out. Not that I've knit anything from SiT1, but I do mean to!