Sunday, April 03, 2011

Not quite to plan, but still...

The cleaning took a lot longer than expected.

But I found a collection of old blue glass bottles on a remote shelf, spruced them up, and now they are on the windowsill, catching the evening sunlight.

I dare say these are "nick-nacks" and will be frowned upon by my darling FL, but I was intrigued by a neighbour's house in Hull: her kitchen window had ranks of glass shelves filled with tiny glass bottles, green and blue, instead of curtains.

Beautiful, I thought then, and I do still.

FL has been asleep all day, and is only now tackling the Sofa of Doom.

He has yet to clean out his car sufficiently to pick up grandma from the station tomorrow afternoon. I suggested to her that her white jacket might not be such a good idea.

The Boy comes home for a couple of days on Tuesday, with His Girl. Crikey!

So I don't suppose I will get much sewing done this week.


In knitting news... I have some unpicking to do after getting too confident last night.

Charts? Who needs them? Um - clearly I do. Silly fool.

I need to get a sock on the needles for April.

Betty Jean is having a little holiday.


happymousefairy said...

Your blue glass bottles and green jug with daffodils look beautiful, all fresh and Spring like.

Enjoy having your family to stay :-)

Sandy said...

I think the little bottles catching the sunlight is a cheery thing to look at... and I don't know how you have the time to do what you DO do...

christinelaennec said...

I love those little blue bottles, and I'm so glad you're getting some sun. As for the mistake in the colourwork, at least you discovered it only a few rows later rather than after you'd reached the top. Enjoy your visitors and I'm so glad to hear FL hasn't chucked in his golf. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Love the coloured glass - I have a wee collection myself and the sun shines on it and casts lovely colours around the house - simple pleasures!

Betty Jean is looking good:-)

Enjoy your family gathering.