Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some Sunshine on Saturday

View from the kitchen window at 5pm I didn't expect a view like this when I got up this morning: it was grey and wet and we had the lights on to see our breakfast.

I spent the day grouting the tiles and re-painting the junction between walls and ceiling in the bathroom. The builder has repaired the kitchen skylight, but has yet to install guttering along the back of the house, so we had damp patches, mould and peeling paint. I had to take remedial action for grandma's impending visit!

After a week of unhappiness, FL decided to make an uneasy peace with his golf pals and has paid his annual membership fee. Phew! He managed a round of golf on Friday, but only just. He is in bed at the moment, wiped out. He is back on anti-fungals for his mouth and really ought to get some more antibiotics after a few restless nights of coughing.

But it isn't all gloomy and doomy round here - honest! The farm road is lined with daffodils and my herb garden is starting to come alive again. Tomorrow, once I have scrubbed the floors and done the weekly shop, I should have time to cut out some trousers. I am using the 1940's Eva Dress pattern.

And I struck gold at the library today, with "Forties Fashion from Siren Suits to New Look" which is a stunning book full of information and pictures of the most fantastic styles. Hours of browsing! I also got "101 Designer Yarn Stash Wonders" which includes a few patterns that I have had in my queue for a while, especially the Scrunchie Hand Warmers (Ravelry link). I feel a "quick project" coming on!

The dog is complaining that the sun is out and so should he be, so I had better give him a run before dinner. Maybe I can persuade The Girl to come too and we can pick some daffs for grandma's room.

Thanks again for all your kind words.


Katherine said...

Glad you are getting some sunshine and that FL is happier. Take care.

Scruffybadger said...

What an awesome picture - the bottom half is evocative of where you'd find woodland fairy folk! I'm glad you have had such a fresh & Springlike start to the weekend - long may it stay!
And that Eva dress pattern - I fancy making those! I can picture you wearing them (with headscarf) weeding your herb garden!!

By the way thank you for your encouraging comments! I'm having trouble with my laptop accessing blogs- so my ability to comment is reduced until I can figure out what;s going on. (Perplexed!)

Lucette said...

you have a wonderful view out that window and I can only imagine the fields of daffs.

PatB said...

My husband has myeloma and was taking regular doses of steroids. The result was a volatile temper, rages about small things, or sometimes even things that were imaginary. The doctor said that he needed the steroids for his treatment and there was nothing to be done. So we weathered the storms. Stabilisation of the myeloma means that the steroid dose has been decreased. I feel for you. Get help if you need it. We got assistance from the local carer's organisation - not sure if there is such a thing where you are.

faeriecollege said...

That's good to hear about FL and his golf buddies! I was worried about him.

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine!

Four Winds said...

What a winsome, homey photo - should be entered in a contest called "Views of Spring!"

Glad there is a ray of sunshine literally and figuratively in your life....

Lizzi said...

All good stuff - enjoy!

Roobeedoo said...

PatB: I do think the doctors are a bit too blase when they hand out these drugs - I suppose they think living longer outweighs living miserably. Hmmm. Discuss. Hope your husband is doing well.

Scruffybadger - "fairy folk"? Um - those would be the reflections of my ladle, fishslice etc on the mucky window! Nice thought though!

Yes, it is a lovely view!