Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This weekend...

Oh the plans, the plans!
I have great hopes for a weekend of sewing, knitting and gardening: in that order of priority!

The garden

I have managed to spend an hour a day weeding, by claiming the first hour of the evening as gardening time.

So I drive in to the farm from work, exchange pleasantries with FL, then get into my mud-gear for an hour among the herbs with the dog.

Actually, that's not quite true - I tie the dog to a tree so that he doesn't run after the neighbour's puppies - but at least he's outside with me! In an hour I can weed one square metre of ground, which doesn't sound like much, but it's progress.

This area was scrubland when I took it over in 2005. I'm getting there! The earliest blog pictures I can find are from August 2008, here. I can definitely see signs of growth... and the neighbours have stopped complaining, which has to be a good thing! ; )


This extra-long weekend's sewing plan is to make things to wear at home. It frustrates me that I don't have anything me-made to wear in my "down-time". I tend to live in skinny jeans and shabby old t shirts.

My choice of vintage patterns tends to be quite formal and "starchy", rather than relaxed. So I ordered a modern pattern: the Portfolio set from Lisette at Simplicity. Half-price at lots of UK suppliers until the end of the month - try Jaycotts or Sewing World.

I ordered mine a week ago and at the time of writing it has still not arrived - I blame all those public holidays in England! Fingers crossed it arrives this weekend...

There are lots of enthusiastic Lisette sewers out in blogland. If you are interested, the most prolific include Fiveandcounting and Nightknitter. But it hasn't escaped my notice that they tend to be the mothers of young children. These are very "toddler-friendly" clothes, with big pockets to fill with stray bits of lego! I am way beyond that stage now and I am wary of coming across as desperately mutton-as-lamb-ish. But I can't deny that these tunic style tops are comfortable, practical and fun, and as I commented on Minnado's post, I just need to get over myself.

So: the Portfolio dress / tunic / top and a pair of capri-esque bottoms? That's the plan.

And I am going to use stash fabric, because to buy more material would be ridiculous. That's me told.


Betty Jean, obviously. But I might see if I can finish the first April sock for The Girl. At this rate she will get a pair in June.

There are two babies due to work colleagues in the next few months so I suppose I had better do the decent thing and make something. 

I need to find a baby pattern that I enjoy knitting or they will get nothing, and that would be bad. Knitters have social obligations where babies are concerned...

Maybe the nattily-named "Design C" from Sirdar's Seaside Babes book? Ravelry link here. Let's just hope someone has a girl...


visualise peace said...

I just picked three of the lisette patterns and am looking forward to some sewing this weekend. However your observations re mutton as lamb are giving me pause.

Jeni said...

Re baby gifts, I can highly recommend Seamless Baby Booties (, or the Lillian Baby Blanket (if booties are too quick and easy). And of course, there are always the Kimono Baby Shoes - very quick, very easy, very cute!

christinelaennec said...

Your garden looks lovely, and I admire your discipline to work in it an hour every evening. As for mutton dressed as lamb, the mannequins in Wallis (shop for the elegant older woman) were wearing capris and full long tunics. I think the tunics tend to be of clingier fabrics rather than cotton, though? Anyhow, I don't think you need to worry. If you told me you wanted a Hollister hoodie I'd be concerned.

Have you ever made Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket? They're a lot of fun because the construction is so ingenious.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

bagqueen said...

Just been catching up after being away and saw your comment about 'celebrity free pass' and thought I'd better google it before I do my answers! thanks for the tip I would have been right there with you talking about dinner parties!!