Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day Three of Four

Why can't all weekends be this long?

There's no urgency to completing the chores. The laundry gets done and hung and put away. The slow cooker works its magic.

There is still time to cut out a new dress and start stitching it together.

Still time to read a book out by the treehouse in the sunshine, with the dog pottering about, sniffing every rabbit hole just in case.

Plenty of time to stay calm about The Girl's maths exam on Wednesday. It's not too late to understand parabolas or volume or those bizarre functions that I am certain I never needed to know about at 14... or 46.

And there's still tomorrow to come.


ashley0107 said...

I have exams soon too. I should really start revising. But sewing is so much more fun!
Wish her luck on her exam! :)
Ashley x

christinelaennec said...

Your day sounds blissful (with the slight exception of parabolas)! And what is that delicious project that you have only given us a glimpse of? I love the fabric. Good luck to the Girl for Wednesday!

jenibrown said...

Hear hear - glad to hear you've had a relaxing and enjoyable long Bank Holiday weekend. And that fabric is fantastic - which pattern is it for?

Roobeedoo said...

Hee hee hee - you'll have to wait for the big reveal of my new dress - it makes me so happy!

feresaknit said...

Love that fabric! :D

Minnado said...

I recognise that pattern! i only just read your comment on my portfolio dress as my computer is broken. Hope yours turns out well, I love the fabric you are using. I have to tell you my other half absolutely hates my portfolio dress and won't go out the house with me if I am wearing it! I still like it though and am plotting a second version. x