Monday, May 23, 2011

In from Left Field: Betsey strikes again!

All images borrowed from Etsy. I hope the sellers don't mind...?

Just when I thought I had a Plan for my sewing and was going to whip the stash into submission once and for all...

Betsey Johnson strikes again!

I was planning to make a 1950's-style wiggle skirt with a wrap. The sort of thing that only requires one yard of fabric and some funky buttons.

But while scouring Etsy (in vain) for the pattern, I came across this little number from the 1970's.

I have a bit of a penchant for Betsey Johnson patterns. I made my daughter a dress. And I have a swooping greatcoat pattern in the stash awaiting a massive jolt of energy and 5 metres of wool.
At first glance, this is just a wide a-line skirt... but look a little closer!

There is also the option to add an apron-wrap at the back, and a shaped front waistband and super-generous top-stitched pockets!

And see that lime green flounced version? Oh me oh my, it is the "prairie skirt" I spent the late 1970's sighing over!

See that girl in the bandanna and the denim skirt? That was NOT me! But I SO MUCH wanted to be that girl! She was the sort of girl who went out with FL ! :O

And I could be her NOW! Do you think he'll notice?!

Though HER bandanna was navy blue ; )

I strongly suspect that the blue linen I bought to make a Portfolio tunic is about to be diverted.

Hurry up, Mr Postman! I am having a major attack of nostalgia!


ashley0107 said...

What a cute pattern! :)
Ashley x

Gaylene said...

You've just taken me straight back to high school, with the well thumbed copies of American Seventeen magazine...oh how I wanted the elasticated shoulder peasant dresses, with coloured clogs; this was so not going to happen in the back of beyond in Australia!!

All best wishes for you with everything you are going through.

christinelaennec said...

Go for it - and you'll enjoy it so much more this time around! FL will love you in that skirt. Betsey Johnson was a brilliant designer.

xtiand said...

Oh No! Bad, bad idea to look at this, I remember that pattern, I made those skirts and I loved them ...and I had a bandana (but I didn't know FL, promise!)I loved the 70s style but suspect if I try to wear it now it'll look old fashioned rather than vintage on me. I loved Betsey Johnston especially the Alley Cat designs, that and Biba were my inspirations for a lot of sewing.

Scruffybadger said...

It's clearly speaking to you! Yes, the blue "wrap" version does it for me as well - super useful it could definitely become a wardrobe staple (& I'd like to see it with the headscarf too!)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooohh!! What a fabulous pattern! I love the red and the green ones too. Make them and don't feel guilty. ;)

Bernice said...

What a fun pattern. I'd like to be all the girls on the cover too. I can understand why you're excited about this. Good luck.