Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ink on the Page

"Always, Mrs Ramsay felt, one helped oneself out of solitude reluctantly by laying hold of some little odd and end, some sound, some sight. She listened, but it was all very still; cricket was over; the children were in their baths; there was only the sound of the sea. She stopped knitting; she held the long reddish-brown stocking dangling in her hands in a moment. She saw the light again."

(From "To The Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf)

I was thinking about Me-Made-June and how I wanted it to be more than just a collection of photos: "This is me in the things I made: amn't I clever?"

I hit upon the idea of turning it into a personal "art journal" project: to make the recording process a creative act in itself.
For every day of June, I intend to wear Me-Made clothing and to set my self-portrait in its context by developing a collection of sketches / writings / photographs, all together in one volume. So I can look back at this one month in my life and recall the detail.

Because the blogosphere is all very well, but it is somehow intangible, elusive. I need the smell of the paper and ink. It's why I don't have a Kindle or similar. It's not just about the words or the pictures, it's the texture of the page itself, the blot where you held the pen in place too long. The imprint of the bookmark.

It sounds highly pretentious, I know. Terribly self-indulgent! But isn't that the root of creativity? Losing yourself in the process? Cutting yourself off from the cares of the day like Mrs Ramsay (above) with her knitting?

Rather like my "hour a day" regime for weeding, I will enjoy the discipline of having a timeframe to develop this new journalling habit. Who knows, I might stick to it!

And of course it's always good to have a reason to buy a beautiful new notebook. :)


didyoumakethat said...

You can never have too many beautiful new notebooks. Sounds like a grand scheme!

daisydonut said...

It's a wonderful idea, and as you say will be an in depth record of a month of your life. And who doesn't love a new notebook :-)

christinelaennec said...

Ooh I can't wait to see what you come up with! Great idea. And thanks for the quote from To the Lighthouse.

cindy said...

Now you are talking! Your quote from "To the Lighthouse"by Woolf is one of my favorites !!! What a great start to create a personal art journal.

Sandy said...

In the helter-skelter of daily living, we sometimes want to record the specifics... have you read "The Artist's Way" which discusses journaling as a way to unlock the artist within? I journal almost daily... sometimes twice if needed... interesting to look back and see how something that seemed so intense at the moment was just part of the fabric of that time. And I love a new notebook as well!

Roobeedoo said...

Sandy - I had that book from the library a while back but I don't remember anything I read in it. I think it came at a bad time! I will have to put it back on my reservation list. Thanks for the recommendation!