Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Little of What You Fancy

This week I have made a point of doing a little bit of everything every day.

We had an almighty wind storm for a couple of days, so gardening was out of the question, unless you count dragging fallen branches out of the flower bed and ringing the farm labourer to come and chainsaw the tree that took out next door's football goalpost!

Look who had his lampshade taken off this morning!

We were just glad none of the really big trees which surround the house came down. Fortunately, they seem to have a pretty good grip on Scotland.

No sign of my Sarah Raven plant order from 10 May*. I am a little peeved at this as she is now into sale season and if I had waited a week I would have got everything for half price.

* Edited 1 June 2011: Customer Services very kindly reduced the prices on my order, which had not yet been shipped. I hadn't understood that plants are grown to order and mine are not ready yet.

The courgettes are ready to plant out and the broad beans are peeking out from under the soil (and a fallen branch!)

This branch was in my vegetable patch and I had to enlist FL's help to get it back over the fence.

In sewing news, I have been devoting an hour a day to my second pair of Eva Dress trousers. There is a very good chance I will have a new pair of wide-legs ready for Me-Made-June!

Another hour a day has been spent on Betty Jean, so I am progressing well on sleeve one.

But a pair of sleeves is comparable to a pair of over-the-knee socks, so I have no illusions about finishing soon.

FL misheard my complaint about knitting a sleeve with sock-needles. He thought I said I was knitting with Pot Noodles.

Now there's an idea...

And in tangential crafting news, I am enjoying a third hour at my embroidered pillowcase project.

FL is dubious about tattoos, even embroidered ones. He asked the meaning of the crosses and the word "flu".

"It's TRUE, as in True Love. And if you don't stop complaining yours will be embroidered "FALSE"".

And then I had to explain at length the hidden joke about initials... ; )

Oh - he's doing OK this week, by the way. Maybe the news that he is going downhill gives him something to battle against: new motivation.

He even thought about going on an overnight golf trip with some pals this weekend... until he remembered he wouldn't have the drinking stamina which such a trip requires. But even to have considered the idea is a pretty positive sign.

As for the vegan boost to my recipe regime... hmmm. After last week's Pear and Couscous fiasco, I decided to offer a mini portion of animal protein at the side of this week's new recipe... just in case. This week's speciality was Brown Rice, Roasted Beetroot and Orange, which had a lovely dressing of orange juice, red wine vinegar, ginger and sesame seeds. There appears to be an upsurge of opinion that fruit doesn't work in savoury dishes. The slices of orange were left til the end and eaten as "pudding". Sigh. But at least they were eaten.

What they don't seem to understand is that I am deliberately avoiding the "broccolli and chick pea" combinations which proliferate in my new cook book. Broccolli and Chick Peas are probably my favourite foods ever. I would eat them every day if I could. Maybe I just need to go for it and see what happens. It can't be any worse than the reaction to Pears et al !


ashley0107 said...

I think the 'an hour a day' is a great idea! It's a nice easy plan to stick to make sure you get some 'me time' and make progress on your projects :) I'll have to try it out myself!
Wow, that was quite a windstorm! Hope everything gets sorted out ok.
Ashley x

Lorna said...

What a fantastic idea. May I borrow the hour a day idea? It might just solve my problem of too many unfinished projects. I think I can manage an hour on one thing at a time instead of whole days and then losing interest.

Lizzi said...

Broccoli and chickpea mmmmmmm...yummy!!

and beetroot - my alltime favourite food.

christinelaennec said...

You are inspirational! (Do you ever sleep?) I'm so glad you didn't lose any big trees, that Hero is now lampshade-less, and that FL is feeling a bit better. Hope the rest of your weekend is great. You will have finished Betty Jean as well as several other items, sewn and embroidered!

Minnado said...

Roasted beetroot ...yum. I am catching up with your posts now I am reconnected to the blogosphere. I love the white portfolio top. I am seriouslt tempted to copy you and make one too. I have recently made the dress again in denim. I love it - my other half doesn't, but then what does he know??
Those were strong winds you had. I am hoping June is going to warm up. Hope your weekend is going well.

Susie Hemingway said...

Strong winds here in the Linc Wolds too, a few big branches down. Glad you are all safe. Such a busy life you seem to keep with much achieved. You quite put me to shame - I must start sewing again or at least getting away from the PC to do some cleaning!!! Still I am off to make some Leek and Potato Soup for family who are arriving for half-term. Glad to see that FL looks well.

Sandy said...

Good to see that FL is thinking about golf again, and that Hero is running about sans lampshade - has his 'drive' been subdued as his hormones shift?

And you gave us a good reminder that what seems overwhelming can be nibbled at in a hour-a-day to achieve completion!

Hope your summer begins soon...