Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lost Favourites and Me Made June

Recently, I have spent more odd moments on Ravelry, and ended up losing interest in all my current knitting projects except Betty Jean.

Instead of working on an unloved turquoise sock, or a lacey peach mohair shrug that I WILL NEVER WEAR (stop shouting, Roo!) I have realised that I want to knit more vintage-inspired cardigans and sweaters out of AlbaYarn, a shawl out of Sock Hop handspun, Shalder out of super-sheepy wool from the West Coast - in short, to have a purge and start again. RRRRRRRIP!
Jessica left a comment recently, which really struck a chord. She said:

I LOVE this style that I see evolving on your blog (I mean, I think you've always known and owned your personal style, but it's like when you're a teenager and as you grow up you slowly fill out the edges of the core person that you always were ... am I making sense?)

Yes, Jessica you made a lot of sense to me. It has taken me all this time to "be myself" and fit the skin I'm in. And part of that is about ditching all the stuff that fogs my vision and stops me being "me". Even if I have spent hours trying to make it work. Turquoise sock, I am looking at YOU.
My dear mother recently asked me what on earth I do with all the things I "kept making" - where did I put all those tops and skirts and dresses I "kept making"? After calming down from my instant teen-style anger at this suggestion that I was exhibiting wanton profligacy (and will surely not go to heaven as a result) I spluttered out a reply that these are the only things I have! The other bits and pieces only get to stay for as long as it takes me to replace them with me-made-ness! I could go on at length about the good lady's four wardrobes full of anonymous polyester garments and multiple pairs of almost-identical shoes, but I won't.

Instead I will sign up for Me Made June.

'I, Roobeedoo, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear
only self-made clothing (excluding upholstery and underpinnings) each day for the duration of June 2011'



Debi said...

YAY! So glad you are doing Me-Made-June! It's funny but people ask me the same questions about where I keep all those things I keep making! ha! And your story about a colleague using your computer totally made me anxious about my own :-) hahaha

tea and cake said...

Good for you!

Lorna said...

And there I was, about to say how fantastic your turquoise sock looked. I would love to sign up for me made June, but the closest I will get is my own necklace for my wedding day.

Not the correct spelling, but my word verification is "sporen" how appropriate.

Sarah said...

Roo: I'm so envious of you and Lori and others that are so talented and creative.

Even if you don't wear made it, with your own hands!

Keep at it, and post those pics so we can enjoy!


Emma said...

Mother's, eh ?
Mine said to my son "Mama must really love wool...". Bah !
I very much admire that you are making a wardrobe of clothes, not least because you are doing things that make you feel complete and happy.

Hope you find all your hastily ditched bookmarks.
Also, hoping FL picks up a bit. It sounds so awful and miserable for you both. Poor bloke.
Knit on and all that !

faeriecollege said...

Good for you Roo! One of these days I'll do one of these Me Made Months. One of these days.

Lizzi said...

I agree with you re a quick shufty in Ravelry etc as a stress-buster. I am just finishing some lunch having spent all morning tidying my work room (it's 4pm!) and, with tea in one hand and mouse in t'other I am quite refreshed and ready for round two.

christinelaennec said...

I hope you retrieve your lost bookmarks. Thank you for the laugh about your mother's comment, and your own stifled reaction. I take it she isn't a regular reader?! As the others have said, keep filling the world up with beautiful things made by you!