Saturday, June 11, 2011

FO: The Totally Me-Made Tee!

I did it! My first self-drafted top!

I had been searching for a simple t-shirt pattern with pleats at the neck, but they all seemed to be sleeveless and/or low-cut.

I wanted something with a slightly vintage air about it: a simple round neck, perhaps kimono-style sleeves?

So I did it myself! :D

I really like the shape of my 50's twin-set top, blogged here.

But it was quite a fiddley thing to sew, with lots of bulky seams and loads of darts, not to mention back-buttoning and bias binding.

So I copied the neck-pleats and basic sleeve shape from there, but pared the design down to its essentials.

I raised the position of the pleats by an inch and drafted a narrower body, taking out all the darts and back-fastening.

I added a slight curve at the front hem, to allow the pleats to drape. I lowered the back neck. I scooped the underarms a bit closer to the body. Instead of the wide neckband, I cut a bias strip to finish the neck.

The whole project took just 4 hours from start to finish - woo hoo!


Pattern: Me-made! :D It has just two pieces: a back and a front.

Fabric: Purple marl jersey from Croft Mill. I had 1.5 metres and used about half of it, down one side. I have plenty left to make a camisole and knickers - woo hoo! It was £5.25 per metre. It is supposed to be 100% cotton, but it has a slight sparkle in the marl. It a really nice weight of fabric, with stability, softness and good drape.

Sewing notes: I used the Vari-Overlock stitch on my Bernina machine for all the seams and hems. I didn't have any matching thread, so used a lighter lilac colour and took extra care to sew neatly! This may have added a "sporty" edge to the garment, which I had not intended. But I still like it!

Verdict? I am feeling very pleased with myself! Hence the smug expression in the photos. Feel free to make faces at me! ; )

I will definitely use this pattern again - next time I will turn the pleats the other way out, as I like how they look on the inside.

And I will definitely do more pattern-making - it is such fun!


ashley0107 said...

Wow, it looks great! :) The neckline is adorable.
Ashley x

Kestrel said...

Bravo! How nice to get exactly what you want, you've every right to look pleased.

Cathy said...

I do think this is time for an "I told you so"! I knew you could do it- and in 4 hours! wow! It looks perfect.

Dibs said...

aww Roo this is so lovely. You inspire me you know. Quite fearless, tackling a tshirt by yourseilf. Its very pretty, and what a cheeky

Dibs said...

Aww Roo. This is cute. You inspire me you know, tackling tshirt drafting on your own. its suits you very well., and what a cheeky

christinelaennec said...

Yes you do look like the cat that ate the canary, but so you should - it's fabulous! It's very you, and I especially like the top-stitching. So now you've gone from Me-Made to Me-Designed!

jessica said...


Debi said...

AMAZING! I love it!!!

Ali said...

Congratulations! It looks great. How wonderful that you have something that's perfect for you:)

Sandy said...

Congrats! You have taken the leap and made it to the other side and have every right to grin widely - looks terrific on you!

Scruffybadger said...

Very clever! It looks perfect & I love the colour as well as the adorable kimono sleeves.

Just noticed you've changed your blog header - nice!! (I usually read on iPhone - but can't comment, then hop on computer later & hope it lets me connect to comment. It's temperamental) Was that too much information? Possibly! Sorry!

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you all! :D

Amy said...

Um, wow. That's amazing. I'll take a dozen!

Charlotte.Quarmby said...

I am in the process of making a top and wanted to use the vari-overlock stitch on my bernina but haven't been you have any tips on how to use it? My needle is moving fine, but when I sew the thread isn't forming the stitch in the fabric, just leaves needle holes. Any advice?

Roobeedoo said...

Charlotte - have you checked your tension? You need to change the presser foot tension as well as stitch lengths and widths - it is noted on the stitch choice list on top of my machine.