Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello July!

So... that was June.

30 days of me-made-madness in rapid succession and I survived! Woo hoo! Here are the highlights:
The Stats:

My most-worn style was the EvaDress 1940's trouser: 6 times in navy and another 3 in beige.

Followed by Lisette variations: a blouse and two dresses, worn 4 times between them... though my first Lisette dress was also worn at home in the evenings for another 5 days! :)

My Audrey-in-Unst cardigan came out 5 times. My Gap cardigan was out more often than that - tsk!

And my new self-drafted top was worn 3 times since making it on 11 June. I like it!

I wore a dress or skirt 9 times (including Lisettes)... which by a process of deduction means I wore trousers at least 21 times (or more since I paired Lisettes with jeans).

What did I learn?:

I need to knit more cardigans. OK... I knew this before I started, but there's no harm in reminding myself every time I go to pick up a sock to knit instead of a sleeve!

I LOVE wide-legged trousers! :D

I also found myself noticing that I was enjoying wearing my Sencha blouse. In my head, it is too big and blousy and has a precariously-high neckline. But while wearing it, I realised that it is not nearly as high-necked as my 1940's-pattern blouses and that the Liberty Tana Lawn feels absolutely gorgeous next to the skin.

My disgusting dog-walking parka should not be worn to work. Ever. No matter how rainy it is. Confession: I have worn it nearly every day, rain or shine.

The To Do List:
KNIT: Turquoise Laar cardigan from PoshYarns laceweight.

KNIT: 1940's-pattern black cardigan from Stitchcraft magazine in AlbaYarn Crow.

KNIT: Vintage-pattern brown cardigan in Peat AlbaYarn.

SEW: Black wide-legged trousers from Simplicity 2654

SEW: Black and orange skirts from Simplicity 2654 (Ginger-esque!)

SEW: Sencha in Tana Lawn

SEW: Orange / white striped seersucker 1940's blouse (because I didn't get to it in June)

BUY: More interesting earrings. I have worn my 50p-from-Asda fake diamond studs nearly every day this month!

And what about shop-bought?

I definitely didn't feel I missed anything by avoiding my shop-bought clothes for a month. Although I suppose I "cheated" by adding a shop-bought cardi and coat most days. Listen, I live in flipping ABERDEENSHIRE!

Did I buy any clothes in June?

No! Not even a pair of tights!

Is there anything I want to buy to wear, right now, cos it's pay day?

Hmmm... you see there are always a few items buzzing around my brain that I like for their quirkiness. Things I can't copy because they are so unusual.

But I very rarely give in to my obsessions because they tend to be things that I honestly won't wear often enough to justify the price. The current box of novelty cookies looks like this:

ASOS Bumblebee cotton cardigan, £35

Seasalt Working Boats Dobby Dot skirt, £45

Darling vintage floral print shorts, £36

I mean, seriously Roo - you have got to be joking?!


Jane said...

Wahay, you've totally rocked the wide legged trouser look this month. I still think Day 1 was my favourite of your outifts! As an aside, how blind am I? I didn't even notice SImplicity 2654 had a skirt pattern on it! I was too busy drooling over the trousers (and shorts). Damn, and I've already bought the Ginger pattern! x

Susie Hemingway said...

One word - Wow!

christinelaennec said...

Well done you! I've enjoyed following along this month. Oh and of course you could make those floral print shorts, no problem!

didyoumakethat said...

I've loved seeing your makes and you look fabulous in the photos. Particularly love the one by the white door with your leg in the air!

Kerry said...

I love reading your blog and have particularly enjoyed following the MMJ updates. I love your outfits and the photos have been wonderful1 Thankyou!

Lorna said...

Well done you. I too had noticed your obsession with trousers, but it is quite understandable what with living in Aberdeenshire. Any way, I always found trousers to be "safer" when working, no gusts of wind moments or accidental tucked into knickers. ;-)

Minnado said...

I have really enjoyed your MMJ posts. To use a Zoe phrase, you totally rock those 40s trousers! I love the nautical skirt and the floral shorts on your wish list.