Thursday, June 02, 2011

Me Made June Day 2: Reality Bites

I do hope that this MMJ thing is not going to make me late for work EVERY day!

FL was awake most of the night, chuckling to himself (20 dexamethasone tablets will do that to a guy).

So I used the time to devise my Day Two outfit. Except when I got up (late, because I was still tired) the outfit-of-dreams turned out to be a big fat FAIL.

I was trying to find a way to wear one of my earliest self-stitched tops, blogged here.

I thought I could rescue it from oblivion by wearing it tucked in to my new 1940's trousers. I thought it might look a bit like Casey's Armistice blouse.

What was I thinking? Other than a square neckline and a lace trim, the two garments have absolutely NOTHING in common!

(But hey - that's "my" dotted swiss that Casey used! I still have some in the stash! I could copy her! Hold onto that thought, Roo!)

So blind panic ensued and I ended up wearing a well-loved combination: my South Riding blouse with my Audrey cardigan, and then added the new 1940's trousers instead of my usual green Bellas.

Actually, that's a lie - I started with the trousers because they were already on. All eight tight-holed buttons were ON and weren't coming off any time soon and I was LATE!

So here we have it: MMJ Day Two. The day in which I was late for work because I could not undo my trousers. Sigh.

What I wore:

South Riding Blouse, blogged here

Audrey-in-Unst cardigan, blogged here

Eva dress 1940's trousers, blogged here

Me-made knickers

Fly London black wedged shoes (not pictured)

What was missing?

A good night's sleep.

The shoes didn't look or feel right. Ideally, I would have worn my towering tan wedges... but I didn't hem the trousers with those shoes in mind, so the hems would have been flapping up round my ankles. Poop. I was scared to wear my two-tone shoes again in case they ate my heels, as they did last time I tried to wear them two days running.

Do I need to buy another pair of shoes? Or find a way to adjust the turn-ups from day to day?

At the moment they are catch-stitched (at flat-shoe-length) at the inner and outer leg seams.

I am, however, pleased to report that by the end of the day my buttons were operating smoothly.

Singing in the car?

All For You by Imelda Mae


Scruffybadger said...

Ha ha ha! Late for work for the sake of the outfit! Know that feeling!But, the outfit is worth it despite being second / (Hobson's choice with button consideration). It's dreamy - like the second pic of you knitting outside .... Love hearing about your escapades!

Dibs said...

hahahahha. MMJ strikes. I was late for work yesterday as well, because I was trying to find a matching cardigan for my dress. I prepared my outfit for today mentally so I knew where to get everything this morning. I love your pants.

Amy said...

That doesn't sound like a fun way to start the day. To be honest, mine was very similar. I like the outfit you came up with, shoes and all. Audrey in Unst is in my knitting queue. Yours is really beautiful!

Lorna said...

I was going to say you looked preppy sitting in front of what looks a lot like my old school, but then I thought maybe I shouldn't as it might not be what you were aiming for, but oh well it's out now and I hope no offence is taken.

That whole sentence made me sound like I'm on dex, must be pre-big day stress. :-)

Roobeedoo said...

Lorna - I don't take "preppy" as an insult at all, in fact that is exactly what I was aiming for: hence the College in the background. OMG - I had lost count of the days, you're getting married!!! :0 :)

faeriecollege said...

Oh, I shouldn't laugh, but I've definitely been almost-late to class because my outfit turned out to be... ahem... dissatisfying.

As for the question of shoes, as far as I'm concerned one can never have enough shoes.