Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Me Made June Day One

A beautiful notebook is on its way to me!

I have been gathering the patterns of my day.


Tonight I will devote some time to drawing.

Today's outfit is based on this wonderful image from Wearing History.

Break it down for us, Roo?:

Wide-legged, high-waisted trousers

Checked shirt with turned-up cuffs

Two-tone shoes


Vintage (sun)glasses

My interpretation isn't too far off:

Eva Dress navy trousers blogged here

1940's-pattern gingham blouse blogged here

Two-tone shoes (mine were v v cheap on eeebaaay!)


Retro-style glasses
Me-made knickers

What's missing? the morning, I had to add a shop-bought cardigan and my big parka coat for outdoors.

Elegance is all.

Singing in the car?: Proud and Humble by Imelda Mae


Jane said...

I've just commented on your pic on the Flickr group but I'll say it again here. I absolutely love everything about your outfit! Fab start to MMJ. x

christinelaennec said...

Great outfit! (Nevermind the coat, it is the 1st of June after all, so presumably you didn't get too much wear out of it?) And I love the beautiful patterns you've seen. Yes indeed!

Scruffybadger said...

What a super stylish start to June. you look the biz!

jessica said...

SUPER elegant!!!