Monday, June 13, 2011

MMJ Day 13 and an Impulsive Purchase

Today I am under the influence of 1950's Secretarial chic.

This image is by Anne Taintor, and you can buy it printed on a set of Post-it notes - how perfect!

Just what I need to shake up the office!

Today I Wore:

Simplicity 2501 blouse, the pouffy-sleeved version, blogged here.
Rockabilly Rose skirt from a 1950's pattern, blogged here.

You can't see it, but I am wearing a rose shaped brass hair pin (TopShop) to keep my fringe in order. (I have a haircut booked as I have reached the "going mad" stage!)

Fishnet tights.

Shoes: Camper Mambo, reduced in the January sales. SO comfortable!

It was pouring rain, hence the indoor pictures.

I am terribly self-conscious about these sleeves. They are in danger of looking like something Margaret Thatcher would wear, especially with the associated tie-neck. The fabric is very fine, which is both good and bad. The last time I wore this blouse I stuck my thumb through the faggoting at the back, while tucking it in. Luckily, the mended section is below the waistband of this skirt.

I also wore my Gap cardigan. And my parka. Oops!

But I have a dream of another cardigan! I spotted this yarn in the PoshYarn shop last night before it sold out - gasp!

The colour is called "Tomorrow is Another Day", which is described as: "Leaf green, aqua, sky blue, apple, pale jade, mint". It is a laceweight merino / tencel mix, so should have fabulous drape. I intend to knit a Laar (Shetland Trader) cardigan with it.

Hmmm.... a cardigan out of laceweight yarn with acres of stocking stitch, Roo? Is this wise?! Speaking of which...

Betty Jean update: I have almost finished the first sleeve! I sat down to watch "Like Water for Chocolate" while I knitted, but hadn't bargained on the need to read subtitles, so only managed to knit an inch in two hours. Ugh!


Scruffybadger said...

Never do you look like Maggie T! I really like this blouse & with the skirt how fab do you look?

As for the yarn - looks lovely - beautiful colour. Is yarn like fabric - does it really require a compulsive rub & a feel between finger & thumb when shopping?

Roobeedoo said...

Yes ScruffyBadger - ideally I would fondle my yarn before I made a purchase, but I mostly rely on Ravelry to see what it looks like knitted up and for comments from other knitters.

Kestrel said...

Ooh, that yarn is absolutely gorgeous! You're certainly game to plan another laceweight knit too, I admire your tenacity. It will be worth it.

Lorna said...

You look fantastic, like a 1940's Hollywood starlet. Never mind those sleeves they just make you look even more glamourous. Very Joan Collins(and I do mean in her starlet days.)

As for that yarn, it reminds me of the strange candy floss you sometimes get at fun fairs. I love it.

Dibs said...

Thanks so much for the comforting message. The top and skirt combo is lovely. And I'm loving the

RooKnits said...

Have you seen Picperfic's new Laar... it's gorgeous. Made me want to knit one too.

Roobeedoo said...

Yes Roo - it was Picperfic's Laar that inspired me to look for turquoise yarn - but hers is cashmere - gasp!

aviewintomyworld said...

thanks for the comment :-)
i've only just gotten into knitting this year and have yet to finish my first sweater but my that yarn looks gorgeous!!