Thursday, June 16, 2011

MMJ Day 16: More Tea, Vicar?

Today I wore:

The blouse I finished last night! Blogged here.
1950's pattern skirt, blogged here.
Vintage bluebird brooch from Herman Brown's in Edinburgh. (Look at the News section of their website for great vintage outfit inspiration!)
Camper Mambo shoes and fishnet tights.

Just noticed: that strange little red velvet bag contains my Besame lipstick. It is not a one-fingered glove!

When I tried this blouse on last night, I was worried that the neckline was too high. When I used the pattern before, I added shoulder pads, but when I tried pinning a set in to this one, the neck was creeping up my throat and felt suffocating. So here is the unpadded version - and it definitely works better.

I thought I would go the whole Miss Marple route for its first outing, and added my "tea-length" 1950's pattern skirt.

I just read this on Wikipedia:
"Miss Jane Marple is an elderly lady who lives in the little English village St. Mary Mead. Superficially stereotypical, she is dressed neatly in tweed and is frequently seen knitting or pulling weeds in her garden."
Oh my days - it's a description of ME! ;)

It turns out that the blouse is wonderfully comfortable to wear - very soft, and with good flat buttons up the back, so sitting down to take tea is a pleasure.

Only one issue - there is a single button which I can't reach to do up on my own and which can't be done up before I put on the garment. This hasn't happened before in my back-buttoning experience, so either I was a bit stiff this morning, or the spacing of the buttons is "out" compared to others I have made.

Lacking a maid, I had to get FL to help, much to his amusement!


Kestrel said...

Those lovely buttons are a great match for the fabric.

Lizzi said...

don't you just hate being without a lady's maid :-)

Steph said...

What a cool outfit! Miss Marple is kind of a "comfort" style icon, she looks nice but also comfortable. Have you seen her gorgeous blanket-like capes? I totally need one in my life...

Steph said...

I like this blouse. A lot. :)

GrannyPurple said...

You may knit and pull weeds, but you are definitely disqualified on the elderly front! You are simply Miss Marple-in-training!