Monday, June 20, 2011

MMJ Day 20: Mind The Gap

Today I wore:

Self-drafted top, blogged here.

Clothkits Ruby skirt, blogged here.

Charcoal cotton tights.

Boden cardigan.

Kickers shoes.

Gold dragonfly brooch.

This was an attempt to wear my favourite print skirt without resorting to a shop-bought top. Like my aubergine trousers, this skirt is far too big for me. I have taken it in two inches at the waist, but it still sits on my hip bones. It is likely that this is what it is supposed to do, but I have got so accustomed to higher vintage waists that I feel half-naked. And my tights come up a good 3 inches higher than the skirt, which feels odd to me - is this a common issue? Or is my skirt just too big?

But I just love the print of 1930's photographs. It's a different way to wear "vintage"!

Anyway, here I am in the my me-made top which at least covers my dignity. The cardigan is navy blue, which by rights ought to look awful with purple and black and grey, but it all sort of tones in, and I am quite pleased with the overall blend. I question how "professional" it looks, but I didn't have any meetings in my diary today so decided to risk it. Besides - my haircut is sharp enough to let me get away with a more casual look! ;)

The shoes are from 2004 and I keep forgetting I have them. I wore them to death when they were new, and I didn't have many alternatives. Time to bring them out again!

The brooch was a present from FL, hidden in a Christmas cracker. :)

When I have shorter hair I always want to wear interesting earrings but I never seem to get round to buying them. Maybe I will do it this time! I fancy a pair of fountain pen nibs dangling from my lobes - there are several sets on Etsy that tempt me. And how about a pair of vintage typewriter key earrings for hi-tech days?


Jane said...

You're right, it all blends together beautifully. Your hair's fab too! x

Minnado said...

It all goes together so well, anyone would think you had planned it that way! I like the shoes. And think you should go for pen nib earings.
I have the opposite problem with skirts that I am so used to low waisted ones I find high waisted skirts look very odd on me although I love them on other people. Thank you for your comments on the portfolio dress. I am looking forward to seeing your denim version.

feresaknit said...

a) I love the whole colour combo.

b) I still need to get me a cloth kit. I contemplated one for Lorna and Mike's wedding but struggle with the whole fancy top thing - dresses are so much easier.

c) I'm very taken with the circles on your shoes. :D

christinelaennec said...

What a great outfit - I love the vintage photo skirt! And your haircut is great. Re. skirts on hips: I have one skirt like that and I don't wear it very much for exactly the same reasons as you. But, like you, I solve the problem by wearing a longer top over.

didyoumakethat said...

I absolutely love your hair that length. The outfit is great. Oh, tights! Don't talk to me about tights! They come up acres above waistlines.

Roisin Muldoon said...

I hate tights :( But I do like your hair that length, it frames your face very well.