Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MMJ Day 21: Wardrobe Rehab and Garden News

Today I wore:

Liberty print blouse, Burda 7831, made in 2008, blogged here. And here for the inspiration.

Eva Dress 1940's pattern trousers, blogged here.

Boden cardigan...

Grandma's fake jet beads and John Lewis black glass earrings.

This was an experiment in wardrobe rehabilitation. I have worn this blouse perhaps three times in three years because it was unbearably tight round the rib cage. Seriously, breathing was tricky!

And today? It is absolutely fine, boys and girls. And this is a really good thing because it is Liberty cotton lawn and was a lot of work to make. I still find it a bit short... but that's what 1940's trousers are for! Hooray!

I am told today is midsummer day. Paddle, paddle, splash. Sigh.

That's why there is newspaper on my bedroom floor: to mop up the flood when it comes up between the tiles as the water table rises...

In the garden:

It is perhaps time to confess that my vegetable gardens are not doing well. Something got into the new garden and ate every single broccoli seedling and salad leaf. The list of suspects reads like this: pigeons, rabbits, pheasants, partridge, badgers, rats, mice, deer, moles. How do proper farmers manage?!

The courgette plants are still pale and wan and show no signs of actually growing, let alone flowering or fruiting.

Back in the first veg garden, my broad beans were looking pretty good, but have been attacked by black-fly. But FL's potatoes are up...

In the double-fenced herb garden, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail were caught in the act of munching my cosmos and verbena, but I do a good line in thistles. Why can't the little blighters eat the weeds?


feresaknit said...

Ohhhh, that blouse is just darling it goes so well with the art nouveau style fireplace and well I have to ask 'What's going on with the hula hoop?' ;D

Amy said...

Pretty, pretty blouse! It looks great with those trousers.

My garden isn't doing all that well either. I do have a couple of nice tomato plants, but something's been after the broccoli and my cucumbers are looking yellow. Not enough sun (and I didn't baby them like the tomatoes).

Roobeedoo said...

Paula - don't YOU keep a hula-hoop in the bedroom?!