Friday, June 03, 2011

MMJ Day 3: Salsa Time!

Today, the gals over at MMJ-Central on Flickr suggested having a theme for the day: wear something for twirling in!

Fact: I don't make many dresses.

Fact: I don't wear many dresses.

So I had to push myself out of my comfort zone today. Just as well it was Friday, that's all I can say.

On a Friday, my commute to work is halved in time due to the oil-industry "9 day fortnight", which means that almost half the workforce of Aberdeen has every second Friday off work. My drive takes me past two oil-industrial estates so I generally spend twenty minutes every morning sitting still in traffic queues.

But on a Friday? No queues! Woo hoo! Time to mess around with toe-nail polish and red lipstick! ;)

What I wore today:

1940's pattern dress, blogged here. And in its original form here.

Audrey-in-Unst, blogged here.

Me-made knickers.

1940's reproduction shoes by Rocket Originals (bought in sale)

Rockalily Rockette Red lipstick

Butter London toe-nail polish in Blowing Raspberries - darn it: you can't see it! Why did I bother? ;)
I feel a bit self-conscious wearing a flippy short skirt. I fear the wind. I deeply fear the wind! Hopefully you can't tell I am wearing hold-up stockings? The fear of exposure gave me a headache!

I have never worn red lipstick to work before.

Boy, was this a challenge or what?!

The constant feeling that I may have transferred a red stain from my lips to my chin with a thoughtful finger... hmmmm.... having to carry said lipstick with me on trips to the Ladies' Room to scrub my chin.

OMG does this mean I might need to carry a handbag?! A compact mirror?!

It is on days like these that I realise that I am a tomboy at heart!

I also wore my "Faith, Hope and Charity" necklace... except today I realised the awful truth about this family heirloom, found in my grandparents' house when my mother was clearing it out. FL said "Why are you wearing a cross?" and The Girl said "Why has it got a pair of compasses on it?" and I looked a bit more closely than ever before and realised that the heart is suspended from a set of dividers and that for all these years I have been wearing a freemason's insignia around my neck. OMG this is the necklace I wore for my graduation photo! Ugh.

But there was added motivation for this outfit: Salsa Celtica at the Woodend Barn!

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Did I dance? Yes I really did!

Did FL dance? Errr.... no. I thought he was going to refuse to come, after spending his day asleep in the chair. But I loaded him into the car and off we went. And he had a really good time, which he didn't expect because he had been feeling so low all day. Result!

Give us a twirl then, Roo!


Lorna said...

I love the colours and I love the shape of the dress. The red and green definitely reminds me of homemade salsa with tomatoes, peppers and chopped coriander.

I can see your nail varnish, so it was worth it.

ashley0107 said...

What a pretty dress! :) I love your lipstick too, but I'm the same as you, constantly worrying that I've smeared it across my face! lol I have a fear of wind too, even with long skirts!
Ashley x

Amy said...

I have been feeling like I'm wearing costumes, too, since I don't usually wear dresses or skirts. However, that dress looks fabulous on you! Glad to hear you had a great time dancing.

christinelaennec said...

You look like a complete natural (and I love Thursday's outfit as well) - no-one would ever think you were worried about lipstick or the wind, you seem very confident. I'm so pleased you and FL had a fun night out!

Dibs said...

your dress is so pretty. i like the look of the sleeves. the blurred picture cracked me up big time. lol

Ali said...

what a gorgeous dress! you look great!

Jane said...

Fab outfit, love the dress and ADORE the shoes, I've been lurking round the Rocket Originals website ever since! x

Sandy said...

I love the last photo with the whirl of the dance implied and the description of the band sounds really intriguing from this end of the world! Wish they had a link for a listen!
Delighted to hear that FL enjoyed himself and it was a memorable MMY June night with bright lights and love!

Linda said...

You should wear dresses more often.

feresaknit said...

I don't do handbags either! ;D