Sunday, June 05, 2011

MMJ Day 5: Veg-ing with Denim

I have developed a second vegetable garden. One day while I was at work, my dear FL instructed the farm labourer to fill the first veg garden with potatoes, because he hadn't realised that the multitude of pots on our bedroom windowsill were full of brocolli, salad and courgettes, intended for planting out next to my broad beans.

Luckily, the labourer accepted the job of creating another garden to the west of the house, and today I planted out my "crops". They are looking a bit pale and wan after spending too long indoors (waiting for their annex to be constructed), but I have given them a week's exposure to the elements and they seem to have good strong roots.
Today I wore:

Portfolio dress from a Lisette pattern, blogged here.

Mad Budgie socks, blogged here.

Me-made knickers. I won't mention these again - I wear them every day!

What am I stitching?

I am in a muddle with my sewing.

I have cut out a 1940's pattern blouse but haven't started the inevitable tailor tacking.

My Betsey Johnson skirt pattern arrived yesterday and I wanted to get going on that straightaway, so I drove to my local fabric shop (Butterfly Fabrics in Inverurie) to get some soft denim.

Despite knowing that I needed 2 1/2 yards, I allowed the saleswoman to persuade me that 1.7 metres was more than enough... it was the end of the roll. Of course it is NOT enough so I have spent an afternoon trying to make the pieces fit... and they don't. So I need to start again, probably using the blue linen I bought to make another Portfolio dress. And I can use the denim to make the Portfolio dress. But which to make first?

It is now ten past four on Sunday afternoon and I have done NO sewing all weekend and I haven't done the ironing yet.


But I DO have two vegetable gardens.


Paula said...

too funny-it's noon on sunday here!

Scruffybadger said...

Nice portfolio dress! I am trying to resist .... I've just had a denim fest - funny - we are linked by fabric again!! But alas, my weekend's been the opposite of yours with much sewing & no gardening!

didyoumakethat said...

Hurrah for that beautiful Lisette and your veg. I love seeing the background landscape where you live - epic. You're a long way away from E17, aren't you?

feresaknit said...

You're wearing the same knickers every day - I think that's taking me made June a tad too far! :P

Amy said...

Your socks are amazing! I like the portfolio dress too. I had an accidental second garden last summer. We didn't get the compost hot enough to kill off surprise starts and ended up with a yard full of pumpkins. It was kind of wonderful, actually :)

Lizzi said...

You never have enough space in a veggie plot. We recently aquired an allotment and have filled that as well as the garden - and could fill it again. (Just hope it all grows!)

Debi said...

Love these photos! The portfolio dress is fabulous! Perfect for a day in the garden! I bet your plants are happy to be planted out!!