Monday, June 06, 2011

MMJ Day 6: A Risk Assessment

Today I cracked and popped on my Portfolio top. I didn't want to do this too early in the week / month in case I had an urgent need for plain whiteness to rescue me from a major me-made wardrobe 7am crisis! But I do have a washing machine, and there is a batch of white pillowcases waiting in the laundry basket, so I should be able to get this turned around again and ready to wear before this potential emergency occurs.

Risk name: Mismatched wardrobe meltdown

Type of risk: Strategic (a risk to achievement of key objectives)

Initial Risk Assessment: Impact: 5; Likelihood: 5; RED RISK

Risk Action Plan, mitigating actions: Add Portfolio top to pile of white washing immediately after wear and load machine that night; make more plain tops.

Ability to Manage: 5, an Internal risk that is fully manageable

Effectiveness of controls: 3, Formal mitigation measures in place, part of Standard Operating Procedures.

Residual Risk: Impact: 5; Likelihood: 2; AMBER RISK


Today I wore:

Japanese pattern skirt in oversized floral print, blogged here

White Lisette Portfolio top, blogged here

My grandmother's glass beads, worn as a single string, flapper style, instead of doubled.

Comment received:

FL chuckled: "You look as if you should have the name of the asylum printed in that square on the front of your top!"

My own opinion:

Madness is just a state of mind, darling.

I think the flapper-style beads elongate the silhouette and prevent me from looking totally shapeless.

This top looks better either tucked in to a high waist, or loose over a more fitted skirt or trousers.

What was missing?

The old story: I needed a colour co-ordinated cardigan for warmth. This is Aberdeenshire not the South of England. Even if I get Betty Jean finished this month it won't entirely solve this problem as she won't go with everything. Certainly not with this skirt.

I need more than one me-made cardigan.

No, Audrey doesn't work. She's too short for the low waist of the skirt.

Newly-identified mitigating actions:


The Shetland Trader's Laar in AlbaYarn colour Peat would work well with this outfit.


Lizzi said...

I really like that skirt..

christinelaennec said...

Ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. I hadn't realised that putting things in the laundry pronto was "an internal risk that is fully manageable" consisting of "formal mitigation measures in place"!!

I think your outfit as it is, top untucked, looks very comfy and relaxed. Because you're so slender, you don't need to tuck it in all the time, although I realise tucking it in gives a more retro feel. (Just my opinion.)

Re. yesterday's outfit - I thought you certainly gave Sarah Raven a run for her money in the "dressed to garden" sweepstakes! I love how she always used to garden in skirts on Gardener's World.

didyoumakethat said...

I LOVE that white blouse!

Sandy said...

Assessing the Risk... definitely a likelihood of cool winds requiring additional cardigans and therefore immediate actions should be taken to secure at least one in a color that Goes With Everything (or nearly)!

Cathy said...

Oh Ru- lol@ a risk assessment on me made clothes combo! This is why I read your blog- Love it! Also love the outfit..FL's comment sounds like some I get from DH!

Sharon said...

Still laughing. Off to risk assess my laundry basket right after this. I hope you are well. I am slowly catching up on your blog having decided that I MUST start from the beginning and not miss any essential knitting and sewing experiences! I feel a bit like a stalker but promise I'm not!