Wednesday, June 08, 2011

MMJ Day 8: They Said It Would Rain

...And today's prize for seasonally-inappropriate dress goes to Ms Roobeedoo, who topped her outfit off with a parka and then wondered why she was too hot.

Listen, it was supposed to rain!

Today's ensemble is in the no-brain category. The blouse matches the trousers. I reach for this pairing at least once every two weeks.

However, it is not without its problems. These trousers are too big for me nowadays. A full four inches too big at the waist. Without a belt, they fall down. With a belt, they have unsightly folds which I have to redistribute towards the back, to hide under my cardigan. When I sit down, the blouse shoots out of the waistband at the back and leaves me with a cold draught around the kidneys. I therefore cannot remove my cardigan, ever, under any circumstances.

But still I reach for these trousers on a regular basis: I like the colour, they are wide and swishy and basically comfortable once I get my belt sorted out. A belt loop at centre back would be an improvement. I can't see a way to take them in by a whole 4 inches without losing the drape and shape. So I wear them on days when I don't expect to take off my (shop-bought) cardi. You know, on days when it is supposed to rain.

Today I wore:

New Look 6190 trousers in superfine aubergine wool, blogged here

Simplicity 2501 blouse, blogged here.

My Gap cardigan - tsk!

Molly Spilane brass bangle with vintage sheet-music print, found in the UK here.
The inevitable Fly London shoes (seen here being carried on my way to the car)

Sewing thoughts:

This week has been a wash-out in sewing terms and I am getting quite twitchy: so many plans and so little time!

I have cut out: a denim Portfolio dress and a 1940's blouse.

I have matched up: my blue herringbone linen with the Betsey Johnson skirt pattern

I have received in the post: A fantastic vintage-inspired but modern pattern for skirt / trousers/ shorts: one of each, please!

I have ordered: a fabulous funky 1970's hooded t-shirt pattern. HOODED, I tell you! ; )

I really want: a pattern for a t-shirt-cotton top with pleats at the neck. I can't find what I am looking for. It is my excuse for procrastination in all other aspects of my sewing life.

That, and walking the dog... in the rain.


Lisa said...

This has such a neat, 30's look to it! Love the pants.

Anonymous said...

for the t-shirt with pleated neck... have you looked at

Butterick B5354 ??

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you anonymous! off to have a look at that one now! :)

twistle said...

hmm - if the legs etc work well with the fabric effectively bunched up, then would a correctly sized waistband, with the moral equivalent of bunching (maybe wide box pleats in strategic positions, to give smooth planes where they should be?) work better than the current solution? from the sound of it, it wouldn't make anything worse at least?

Urban Rustic said...

I have a pattern for a 1950's hooded blouse somwhere if you would like to borrow it.I can always email the image.

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks Urban Rustic - how kind of you to offer! I will see how I get on with the one I have already ordered... but I might be in touch!

Segwyne said...

I was thinking along the same lines as twistle - deconstruct and reconstruct the waist. 4" is a lot to try to gather into a belt.