Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sewing Plans (a MMJ-free-zone!)

It's been a while since I updated my sewing plan.

At the moment, I am well on my way to having a second Lisette Portfolio dress. Perfect for evenings and weekends!

What next?

I bought this 1970's t-shirt pattern from Etsy for a song. I want to make View C (the hoodie version) in white cotton jersey, but I might not have enough fabric...

I DO have enough to make it in red, but I fancy using the red to make another self-drafted pleat-necked tee.

Ain't that just the way? I might have to swop them over.

And I haven't forgotten my Betsey Johnson skirt pattern. I am waiting for some funky bias-binding to arrive.

I have had this pattern for a while now, thinking I would make a black cotton sateen wiggle skirt. Just kind of chop the dress off below the bust...?

But I am nervous. There is no logic to this - it just worries me.

The whole Me-Made-June experience has found me analysing my wardrobe and what I actually like to wear and I am coming to the conclusion that I prefer trousers to skirts.

And I prefer dark colours to light.

Is it time to use my stock of black cotton sateen and moleskin, instead of saving it up for a rainy day?

It is hissing it down in Aberdeen today!

So I tracked down a copy of Simplicity 2654. It is out of print - I got mine from a seller in the US as even with postage it cost less than its UK list price.

There are some amazing examples of these trousers in blogland and on Flickr. Big cream buttons? Yes please!

I like the fitted skirt too - with that Ginger-esque shaped waistband? Nice!

Don't you want to make Ginger, Roo?

Well, I do and I don't. It's "just" a simple a-line skirt isn't it? Do I really need to spend in double-figures to get a simple a-line skirt pattern? Plus I am not sure I am an a-line girl...

This one in tangerine please!

And what am I wearing today?

The same as I wore on MMJ Day 8, except I have on my flat Kickers pumps instead of the Fly wedges... because the velcro is coming unstuck on the wedges and I fear leaving my shoe behind on the stairs! Ah the glamour, the glamour! Pass the superglue, supermodel!


Roisin Muldoon said...

Heh. The shoes I am wearing today are ever so slightly too big and I had horrible visions of losing one down the side of the rail platform this morning. I brought spare shoes with me to work, just in case.

I reckon that dress could work well as a high waisted skirt but if you're losing the top you might need something to keep it up - maybe bone the side seam like Winnie did with her high waisted shorts?

Jane said...

This is weird. I've got that very trouser pattern - I got it from the US after I'd seen the same picture of Christy rocking her amazing strides with the big cream buttons! I need more high waisted trousers too and they're on my list after MMJ finishes (along with another Beignet and a red Ginger skirt!) x

Urban Rustic said...

I have had the Simplicity pattern since last year.I bought mine in Shrewsbury so it must have been on the verge of out of print then.I desire so much some gingeresque type trousers so much especially after seeing yours on MMJ.I never thought of these trousers as actually being Gingeresque until I just read this post and my pattern has been stuffed in amongst all my others being lost,forgotten and passed over.So I shall endeavour to go and grab it RIGHT NOW and who knows by the end of MMJ I might have a pair!
My thoughts too are turning to next non MMJ projects and was going to blog about such...mine being coats though.
Thanks also for revealing the secret to uploading photos in the right order.

christinelaennec said...

Oh there's nothing more satisfying than making plans to make things!

arcanethings said...

I am still very much following your blog Ruth, even if I haven't commented for ages! I think you need to treat yourself to making one of these fabulous 'Utility' purses/bags to complement your amazing outfits...

She also has fabby supply kits with trims and tweeds, which I think you may like.

Warmest Wishes,
Marie x

Amy said...

I thought I had commented on this post. I hadn't see Simplicity 2654 before, but went out and bought a copy immediately after seeing it here. I love the style of the trousers and skirt...and yes, even the shorts. I have the same thoughts about the Ginger pattern. It's lovely, but...

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. I hope you get them sorted out without too much stressful spending.