Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small Pleasures

Just a gathering of things that have made me smile recently:

  • an hour spent rummaging through the button box in a tiny charity shop

  • ... and the little treasures I purchased for a grand total of 50 sparkling new pence!

  • Is this a portrait of Queen Mary in button form?

  • painting my nails an insane shade of lilac: Muggins by Butter London

  • rediscovering the ritual of a steaming cup of herbal tea, late at night, when I ought to be asleep

  • Watching "Brodeuses" (A Common Thread) and letting the language and colours saturate my brain

    • Knitting a sock, with no deadline in mind, just knitting a sock

    Reading "The Cookbook Collector" by Allegra Goodman

    • anticipating the publication of "A Stitch in Time Volume 2"

    • ... and being happy that it is delayed to August because it means I might actually have finished Betty Jean in time to get swept up by vintage-cardi-fever!


    RooKnits said...

    Oh, I definitely need lilac nail varnish.

    ashley0107 said...

    The sock looks great! :) Its my birthday tomorrow but my boyfriend let me have my presents early. He got me 'toe up socks for every body' and 'brave new knits'. I've started a practice sock, and have learnt how to follow a chart! :D I've never done such a fancy pattern!
    Ashley x

    christinelaennec said...

    Those are lovely small pleasures. I love the cameo button! And your header is just stunning.

    Kestrel said...

    I also love a rummage in a button tin. It's amazing what you can find, and usually for a total steal, as it often throws people off to try and work out a cost for 'a handful of buttons'!

    Lizzi said...

    Simple pleasures - see, we are easily pleased, aren't we?

    faeriecollege said...

    It's posts like these that give me hope that one day I'll unearth something fabulous from the button jar at the charity shop. It hasn't happened yet, but it will!