Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking a Pause

Dear Reader,

This is to let you know that I am having a (technological) crisis: my laptop has died.
The warning signs have been there for some time: disk errors, CPU messages, overheating, and the frequent comment from my daughter that "This thing is a pile of crap".

MMJ day 23 was the death of it. It couldn't cope with uploading my photo and came to a sizzling halt mid-way. Just after it had deleted the picture from my camera. Sigh.

I'm not sure what to do. "Buy another one" is probably the only sensible response one week before the school summer holidays begin. The Girl will be home alone for most of the first two weeks and will expire without internet access. Her ipod-thingy recently stopped receiving wifi so she can't get access that way anymore. And yesterday the mobile phone network stopped covering the area of our house... mid-phone call.

Oh - and we can only get pictures on the TV now - no sound. We have re-installed the digi-box approximately ten times every day for the past 5 days and get lovely pictures if everyone sits very still on the sofa. But the picture breaks up if anyone stands up and we have lost the sound altogether. We can still see and hear Dvds so the set itself is OK - it must be the new digital signal being blocked by the trees or something...? FL is fine with this - he uses the subtitles. But that's the end of watching this year's Glastonbury coverage.

I am living in a technological bermuda triangle.

If this was not all so stressful for The Girl I would see it as a chance to get so much done, without interruptions from the world outside.

This was not what I was planning to write today. I was going tell you about a meeting I went to at a major Energy Sector company. The guy sitting next to me was leaning so far back he was almost in my lap. He was wearing a pinstriped business suit and red ostrich-skin cowboy boots. The guy on the other side kept talking about "The threat of two Sammys" which totally cracked me up, despite the gravity of the topic. (He meant tsunamis.) It was a real testosterone festival. The only other girl in the room was a rottweiler - she had to be to survive in that environment. I arrived "slightly late": 12.25 for a meeting at 12.30, and they had already polished off all the sandwiches and were hoovering up the last few crisp crumbs.

FL said I should call this post "Two Sammys and No Sarnies" :)

And this morning a police car scared me witless driving on the wrong side of a narrow road with lights and sirens blazing. The person in front ended up in a ditch trying to get out of the way.

I really need a holiday, but I'm not there yet.


Debi said...

oh man! What a day!!! Sorry to hear about the laptop! Sometimes technology is just a pain :)

Alice said...

Coming out from lurking to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have never experienced the total tech connect failure that you and your family are experiencing- seems almost frightening after being used to phone and wifi. Be well. Take care. Thanks.

Lorna said...

Thanks for the warning. If you had just disappeared from the blog-o-sphere we would have been thinking terrible things, like a two-sarnie had struck. ;-)

Dibs said...

I'm here at work, laughing my head off, and getting varying glances, and its all because of this post. this is hillarious. sorry about your laptop, and hope you sort out your technological issues soon. our PC is so old, we dont have sound on it anymore, and it takes for ever to start up, so i use my phone most of the time to read blogs, and everything else internet related.

christinelaennec said...

Oh I'm with Dibs, laughing out loud at your post. (Technological Bermuda Triangle and Two Sammys and No Sarnies...) How weird that the fates have decreed that you will have a wee rest from all things long-distance! I hope it's just a little hiatus. I'm already wondering how my daughter will cope with minimal internet access while we're on holiday. I suppose I am a bad mother to allow her to become hooked. I, of course, can do without the internet just fine - not!!

Gabrielle said...

I just read this out loud to my husband and the Two Sammys and No Sarnies made us laugh aloud!


Lizzi said...

Not funny about the laptop but an hilarious post. :-)