Monday, July 25, 2011

Arietty is Tasting Ginger

Having a somewhat stubborn streak, I have been avoiding buying the Ginger pattern from Colette because it is, to quote myself: "Just a simple a-line skirt".

But what if it is the perfect a-line skirt, Roo? And all those hours you have wasted trying to adjust your Clothkits Ruby skirt to make it actually stay up (without safety-pins attached to your tights) could be wiped out by starting again with this pattern. Just rip the skirt apart and re-cut. Go on. Do it! And add a black waistband while you are at it!

I have seen some fab Gingers out in blogland. Jane's denim version was the deciding factor. The firmness of her chosen fabric really shows off the shape. It is not "just an a-line", it is a slightly belled shape, and that is what I need. It has to come in a bit at the knee or else I look like Arietty from The Borrowers (P.S. Have you seen? Studio Ghibli has made a film! I can't wait!)

My love of the a-line ended abruptly when I made a triangular clown-skirt, here. Ugh. It looked much worse in real life. I need to get over my irrational fear of what ought to be a streamlined wardrobe staple.

In the long term, I want to make an orange babycord or wool Ginger, to wear with Betty Jean. I might add piping at the waist, using this tutorial.

And I want to make a chevron-striped version like Sarah Gabbart. And there is some lovely navy ditsy-print drill at Ditto Fabrics which would look wonderfully 1970's in this style.

But for my first experiment I am "shopping the stash". By the time you read this, I hope to be glued to my sewing machine somewhere on the wild west coast, running up the perfect Gingery treat, occasionally glancing out of the window at the sea. I'll show you what happens when I get back!

P.S. Dear Mr Burglar, If you read this and are planning to break into my house while I am away on holiday... I really wouldn't bother. My sewing machine is the most valuable thing we own and it is here with me. The TV? You are welcome to take it: it is very old and very small. And anyway... by the time you find our house, you will have used up a tank of petrol: Sat Nav doesn't work with our post-code. So, enjoy the view and pick a courgette if you wish. Just don't make a mess, will you? Thanks. Roobeedoo.


ashley0107 said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see it! My only problem is that it might make me want this pattern even more!
Ashley x

faeriecollege said...

One of my knitnight ladies SWEARS by the pattern. She's made some lovely versions. Can't wait to see yours!

Happy vacation! I hope the weather is good and you can relax.

tim's wife said...

Enjoy your trip! The funniest answering machine message I ever heard was one that poked fun at the warning that you should never say you're not home. It said, "Hi this is Greg. Donna and I are not home right now so if you were planning to rob us, NOW would be a good time." BEEEEEP. I laughed my butt off. I think after what happened to the tractor, any robber should be afraid to attempt to navigate your premises!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Ooo, I bought this pattern last week. I intend to make it next week when I'm off work. Yours will be a million times better though. I shall look forward to seeing it.

"Without safety pins attached to your tights" made me laugh!! Enjoy the rest of your hols. :)

Jane said...

Yes!!!!!! So glad my Ginger tipped you over the edge!

Sarah said...

Happy Holiday to you and yours!! And, safe travels, too.

Lysy said...

It sounds like a completely unavoidable purchase! I thought of you today as I was in Ditto fabric and they had some offcut remnants of a mushroom print! If it hadn't made me feel like a stalker I would have bought it and asked for your address!

Roobeedoo said...

Hee! Lysy - I am a total blog stalker myself! ;)

bagqueen said...

Hi I'm reading this post a little late but we're on way to west coast too! That is if we get motor home fixed tomo! Otherwise we may be staying in Borders a little longer!

bagqueen said...

Hi I'm reading this post a little late but we're on way to west coast too! That is if we get motor home fixed tomo! Otherwise we may be staying in Borders a little longer!