Friday, July 15, 2011

FO: Lenora Socks

The good thing about long train journeys and extended sojourns in hospital waiting rooms is the Finest Quality Knitting Time.

I only cast on the second sock of this pair on Saturday and was finished on Wednesday - woot!

What can I tell you?

The pattern

The pattern is Lenora by Kimberley Delacruz, and it was originally a Three Irish Girls sock club design. Anyone can buy it now, so I did!

It was designed for a seacell yarn, but I used Old Maiden Aunt Superwash merino, which is probably a finer yarn. Even so, I thought this was rather generously-sized, with 72 stitches round the ankle and foot. I usually think of "a 72" as being a man-sized sock and I should have listened to myself because it is definitely too big for me.

Despite its girth, it is designed as a short ankle sock, which is more suited to the girls I know than the men. I therefore knitted it a bit longer in the foot, with a larger-footed gal in mind: I can think of three: queue up ladies!

The Girl modelled for me, and observed that they were a good fit ; )

The yarn

Gorgeous handpainted yarn in "Bluebells" colourway from Old Maiden Aunt! It has quite a good tight spin, which is always my preference for socks. It reminds me a lot of my old favourite Piece of Beauty sock yarn, which is sadly no longer available. Maybe I should stock up with Old Maiden Aunt! ; )

The Experience

Perfect meditative sock-knitting! There was enough going on to keep me interested, without any head-scratching or unpicking.

The finished socks are pretty without being fussy, so good to gift.

So... yes! It's a pair of socks! :D


ashley0107 said...

Lovely! I found Old Maiden the other day through Ravelry and wow! I need some!
Ashley x

Kestrel said...

Lovely pattern and beautiful yarn, definitely a success.

Lysy said...

And a very pretty pair of socks too! Love the colour :)

Urban Rustic said...

Beautiful socks expertly knitted.

christinelaennec said...

They're very beautiful - well done you for making the most of Waiting time. The colour is really lovely, and probably even more beautiful in person.

Amy said...

You are much more generous than I am. I would have a very difficult time giving away such beautiful socks :)

And yes, you should stock up on that luscious yarn.

Scruffybadger said...

Never even having contemplated a sock pattern I cannot imagine the work that goes into their knitting - however, I adore the colour of the wool & would love a pair for myself. I'm gathering that sock sewing is slightly addictive, is it?

Sarah said...

How beautiful....and warm for chilly nights, or days. How relaxing it must be for you....and how creative and talented you are!

Love them!

Ms. Kimba said...

Very beautiful indeed! Thank you for writing about my pattern design. I thought your color choice was lovely.

I did get some questions about my 72 sts. With the yarn that was given to me for the final product being sent to Three Irish Girls, it was necessary as it wasn't like normal sock yarn that I had ever worked with before.

You can adjust the sts to your liking when working down the foot if need be but yes, I am a wide footed girl so maybe that was it too!

I enjoyed looking at your photos of them so much, I think yours are my fave by far!

feresaknit said...

Lovely yet again.