Friday, July 08, 2011

FO: Two True Pillowcases

The second pillowcase only took an evening to embroider.

Which just goes to show that it's all about the mojo: you've either got it or you haven't!

Obviously I ought to iron them before use... but if you look at the red-hearted version you may notice some grubby smudges.

That's where the newspaper I was using to prevent the transfer from going all the way through both sides of the fabric onto the ironing board decided to print itself onto the plate of the iron. I am still
trying to get the ink off. Grrr...

This weekend, The Girl and I are off to see grandma, which is a technology-free zone. So no blogging.... sob.

But we do get to explore Glasgow! Thanks for all your suggestions of cool places to go! :D

FL has his annual golfing week with friends from Down South, so he will be kept busy with eating, drinking and being merry. He might even golf! So he won't be lonely while we're away.

Bye for now!


christinelaennec said...

Your pillowcases look wonderful, and I don't see any smudges. Have a wonderful time in "Glesga"! I look forward to reading about all your discoveries.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your pillowcases are beautiful! Pants to the newspaper ink though. Have a lovely time in Glasgow. :)