Monday, July 11, 2011

No one threw bricks: a trip to Glasgow

Photo: Lunch at Stereo, a vegan cafe in Renfield Lane behind Glasgow Central Station. She had gnocchi, I had a roast beetroot / walnut / date salad with organic bread. Mmmmm!

The Girl and I had an amazing time in Glasgow.

On Saturday, we scoured the charity shops and vintage clothing shops of the Byres Road area, which were just streets ahead of anything I have found in London or Edinburgh.

We both found fab CDs for £2.99 each at the Oxfam music shop, where they were actually playing The Smiths as we walked in. As The Girl had just sewn a Morrissey patch on her cut off black jean shorts, this was "a sign"!

She also found a fabulous cobwebby drapey black hooded cardigan in Glorious Clothing of Dowanside Lane. Kestrel - you were right about that street, we loved it! Glorious Clothing is a dress agency which sells what you might call "future vintage": the carefully hand-picked best of the high street, pre-owned but in perfect condition. There were loads of things there I might have bought if I didn't keep thinking to myself "But I don't buy clothes anymore"!

The Girl (with her black lipstick, zip-seamed fishnets and black jean shorts) was a big hit in one vintage shop we went into: the two shop ladies were all over her for her Goth look, pulling clothes out they thought she might like. We didn't buy anything there, but it was fun! She also got shouted at in a backstreet "Hey! Are you crazy?!" It sounds scary but we just laughed at the time because it felt OK. We have decided Glasgow is a place we could live. ; )

Back at Grandma's we mentioned seeing a vintage spider brooch... and gma brought out her jewellery drawer, presenting The Girl with a 1950's purple glass spider and a massive black ring, which she had acquired from the Lost Property Office at the bus garage where she worked before she married. Apparently the office staff got first dibs on Lost items after they had lain unclaimed for 6 months, and gma took a shine to this ring, but then never had the courage to wear it: "Folks would have thrown bricks at me if I had worn that!"

Clearly, her grand-daughter has a more confident approach to style!

What did I buy in Glasgow? Just the CDs. I didn't get to any sewing or knitting shops, but I was more than happy mooching around the second-hand shops. If I hadn't had to carry it home on the train, I would have snapped up an old type-setter's drawer from a huge selection at a shop on Otago Lane (I think). Though what would I have put in it? It just appealed!

FL had three games of golf while we were away. But he may have overdone it, as today he had to walk off the course with a severe pain in his back. He is feeling OK now, but he thinks he may not be able to swing the club again for the foreseeable future. Sigh.

But I think we all had a good weekend. Even Grandma ; )


Debi said...

ooohh! Sounds like you both had a fabulous time! I love Glasgow! And the spider brooch is amazing!!

Kestrel said...

Glad you had such a good weekend, there are so many great places to go in Glasgow. Love the spider brooch too!

Karie B. said...

Hey, I spend most Sundays down Dowanside Lane myself :)

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the ring and brooch, they'rejust what I would have adored at The Girl's age! In fact, I would still want to wear them now! You seem a lot more"understanding" than my Mum was to teenage ways! ;)

CCK said...

Excellent sounds like everyone had a great favourite part is the connecting jewelry between The Girl and gma.....Priceless! as they say.

bagqueen said...

It's great being able to have fun lie that with your daughter. The shops sound verybenticing, we're off to Scotland for our Hols in a while and I'mt hinking I might just try and squeeze in a trip to Glasgow! Thanks for the recommendations

Scruffybadger said...

Now that is what I call a fun weekend ! I too like the sound of the new goth style sported by your daughter - your sense of style obviously has some impact. (& totally approve of Mozza patches! He was ace by the way!)

And another aside, my blog is finally back online, moved slightly to (there's no "wp" at the end anymore) Looking forward to rebuilding blogging steam!

feresaknit said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. Love the spider brooch too. :D