Friday, July 22, 2011

One Man and His Duck (Pond)

You may recall that my darling FL decided to build a dam in the bog, in order to create a pond .

From looking at this picture, you could be forgiven for thinking that he had succeeded.

Witness the brave captain, launching his rubber duckie!

Regrettably, I have to report that this is not the site of the dam, but the land adjacent to it.

FL employed a contractor to come in and cut the grass on the fields. He had hoped to sell it as

cattle feed, but it turned out to contain too many tansies... but I digress.

The tractor driver took the wrong turning at the foot of the hill and ended up "lairt" in the bog. He had to call home for assistance, and a second tractor travelled 12 miles across the Shire to pull him out.

The mud-churning which ensued created a rather effective pond, don't you think?!

You just gotta love the man!


ashley0107 said...

At least he got a pond out of it :) I love rubber duckies, but we only have a shower at the minute so they live on the shelf below the mirror :)
Ashley x

feresaknit said...

Hey a pond's a pond and this one has a character island in the middle so the rubber duckie can hide from Hero. ;D

Happymousefairy said...

That rubber duckie is the making of the pond! :-)

(I really like your self-drafted red top too, very stylish!)

Tanit-Isis said...

How exciting! ;) My brother spent a few summers working on my uncle's farm when he was a teenager and managed some stupendously impressive (or possibly idiotic) feats with the tractor.

The duckie looks supremely happy, and so does FL :)

Amy said...

Hehe...a pond is a pond!

Very sweet photo of FL!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I love it! Some of the most amazing things result from accidents, don't ya think? Even people.;o) I once had an 80 thousand GVW, tri-axle dump truck fall through my driveway right next to the house. (who knew there was a hollow, brick drywell under there.) I got an eye roll, slumped shoulders, and an exasperated look from Tim when I called him home but I sure didn't score a pond outta the deal.

Sandy said...

Sure and it's wet, isn't it? This fall the real ducks will stop by and prove it IS a pond!

Roobeedoo said...

Fingers crossed, a week later and the pond is still there. Unfortunately it also has a film of diesel over the top, so we might have to skim that off if we don't want to poison our ducks!