Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Prepping and Fine Dining

I have been gathering my resources for a week on the West Coast.

Because we choose to holiday in the wilderness, I need to be sure I pack everything we could possibly need. The nearest shop is a half-hour's drive away and is "basic". The nearest supermarket is 50 miles away. Think about that: scary isn't it?!

So I have made a start on a few projects I plan to take with me, packing up the materials I need as I identify them.

I have wound this Fyberspates Bamboo / Merino yarn for a pair of socks. I will cast on and work a few rows, just to make sure I am taking the right size of needles.

And I started off an embroidered cushion cover, based on the Dream Garden design I linked to. I will pack an assortment of threads ... and a spare needle.

I am still thinking through my dressmaking plans. I have the white hooded t shirt cut and ready. Then there's the red pleated-neck t shirt - I might make that before I go!

I suspect I need to start work on autumnal sewing. I am basking a little too easily in my me-made summery wardrobe, forgetting that all too soon the temperatures will start to drop and I will be complaining that I have nothing but short-sleeved blouses to wear.

While I consider my options, I might just have a slice of chocolate and apricot tart. If that photo looks blurry, it's because your eyes have glazed over with envy. ; )

The recipe is from the Moro cookbook and I made it at the weekend as dessert when FL's golf friend came to dinner.

The Girl also particularly recommends Moro's chorizo and butterbean salad which she "could eat everyday".

FL and his pal were more interested in the whisky sampling session they indulged in after the meal. It's just as well this only happens once a year as it took FL two days to recover. Sigh.

Golf is still off the menu as his back is troubling him. He has been very weak for about a week, with a heavy cold and general aches and pains. The whisky session wiped him out, but I can't find it in my heart to tell him off, because how often does he get the chance to sit up til 3am with an old friend, talking about the Old Days? It was a good weekend for him, in many ways.


ashley0107 said...

The yarn and embroidery are so pretty! And that tart looks absolutely delicious!! Yep, my eyes glazed over with envy :)
Ashley x

feresaknit said...

I must be really envious even though I had a clear view of the pain au chocolat I just had for breakfast (I know breakfast after 11am) it was however off set by lots of straw and blue berries.

For goodness sake don't loose that spare needle!

Oh and further to a previous post I don't think B would be too impressed if I asked to take my sewing machine on hols. It's not like I could sneak it in to the boot when he wasn't looking - well not without medical assistance. ;D

Annie said...

Clearly my eyes have glazed over with envy ... but that tart looks so delicious through the mist that I might just have to borrow my Mum's copy of Moro and make one!

christinelaennec said...

That tart looks almost as delicious as your projects. Your holiday sounds like my dream holiday - sewing, knitting, eating, peace. How great that FL had a good weekend, even if the whisky session wiped him out afterwards.

Lorna said...

Love the colours in your yarn. Enjoy your change of scene doing as you please. x

Sandy said...

I shall be intending that your week on holiday is truly relaxing, allowing you and FL to have a special time together and the only drama is something on the telly!