Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Activities

The Scottish school holidays have begun and The Girl has 6 and a half long weeks stretching ahead of her, to be filled somehow.

She is lucky enough to have a father to visit in London, and an aunty in Somerset, so she will get away for a break from nowhere-land!

She is past the stage of enduring summer sports camps or other organised group activities. We are not yet sure whether anyone from school will want to meet up in the holidays... that's all still a bit touch and go.

So the summer began with a little craft project. I helped her sew a make-up bag. We used this online tutorial .

The fabric was bought to make a tablecloth for her room, but somehow we have never got round to that, and her desk has so much stuff on it, I'm not sure that a tablecloth is really needed.

The lining was leftover from my Polka Dot blouse.

And everything fits inside - woo hoo!

Yeah - her make-up collection is better than mine! ; )

She also has plans to embroider a cushion cover using a Tara McPherson design I gave her for her birthday. Did you know you can buy Glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread?!

Other holiday plans include a trip to the optician for more stylish glasses... luckily we have found an appropriate frame in the "bargain" range!

And we are combining a trip to see grandma with a tour of the alternative shops of Glasgow. That promises to be a fun weekend!

We found a great-looking guide booklet to vintage / indie / kawaii Glasgow here.

But if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment! We haven't been to the city before.


ashley0107 said...

What a great little bag :) I love the fabric.
Also, glow in the dark embroidery thread?!?! That is so cool! I love embroidery, I'm sure she'll enjoy it :)
Ashley x

The Foggy Knitter said...

I've heard great things about the Yarn Cake, nothing but praise, though whether that counts as vintage/indie etc.

Tanit-Isis said...

Oh, thanks for sharing that tutorial! My kids and I made little flat zip pouches for their teachers' presents this year, so this would be the perfect next-step-up. It looks so professional! :)

Katherine said... - check out their directory for lots of good things, they also have a lovely wee shop in the West End. If you go to the West End you can't go wrong, plenty of lovely shops, the Life Craft, Yarn Cake, good charity shops etc etc.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

The make-up bag is lovely (as is the posh make-up!). Have a great time in Glasgow. :)

Scruffybadger said...

How cute that bag is! Great to pass on your sewing & embroidery skills. Looking at your daughter's accessorising, how about a hairband or two in cool fabric ? (It's something I'm quite taken with at the moment)
Sorry not commenting much recently, laptop has been in the doghouse as well- but as it will be helping me to rebuild my blog I need to forgive it! I have been following using my iphone though.

Kerry said...

Lots of charity shops on Byres Road and Dumbarton Rd, West End. Lots of great places to eat at Ashton Lane, just off Byres Rd. I have been to Glasgow several times to visit my son and we love the West End area. Bearsden and Milngavie are really lovely as well.
I certainly know the Western Infirmary and Gartnavel Hospitals pretty well! Have a lovely time!

Bridget said...

My sister was at uni in Glasgow and I loved visiting her, there's some great vintage shops near Byres road (some were on side streets though so yo have to wander a bit). Whatever you do visit Tchai-Ovna, It's a tea shop that was started by some students in their basement a few years ago, they have a huge selection of teas and make the best Chai Latte. Every time I'm in Glasgow I always make an expedition to visit, there's nowhere else like it.

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh - thanks for these suggestions! We are definitely heading up the Byres Road and thereabouts. :)

Kestrel said...

Hello - a bit late to the suggestions party, I can definitely agree with Byres Road in terms of vintage shops plus Dowanside Lane just off Byres Road which is home to several vintage shops. And as mentioned Yarn Cake and the Life Craft are close to Byres Road. In town, there are are some Goth-esque (not sure if that's the correct term!) shops on Queen Street which I think your daughter would like, plus The Art Store which is good for a nosy around. If shops selling graphic novels and the like are her thing, there's about 3 shops of that type around King Street (2 of them are Static Games and Plan B Books - this is also beside a sewing cafe called 'Make It Glasgow')If you get the urge for fabric shopping, definitely check out Mandors, it's also central, just parallel to Sauchiehall Street, and has a great fabric selection.

Kathryn Hannan (nee. Mackenzie) said...

All the shops I would have recommended seem to be covered already so here's another foody recommendation - Stereo on Renfield Lane. It's a great veggie & vegan cafe/bar, they do really tasty small plates for sharing. It's an old Mackintosh building but it's down such a narrow lane so it's hard to appreciate the exterior properly!