Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tattooes on My Pillowcases (remind me baby of you)

Who remembers the plan to replace my Turin-shroud-motif pillowcases with some funky upbeat embroidered versions?

Pillowcase Number One had been sitting on the sofa for far too long, being moved up to the table and back again depending on whether I wanted to sit or eat.

And really, it is not a particularly large project, so there was no good excuse other than the simple loss of ooomph. So while encouraging The Girl to start her Tara MacPherson cushion cover, I thought I ought to set a good example and pick up my own stitching. And it didn't take long at all.

And it was fun! So much fun that I got started on its non-identical twin straightaway- hooray!

FL remains dubious. He calls it my "labour of love" and chuckles in a subversive sort of way. But you know what? Moi, je ne m'en fous!

(Child-friendly translation: "Whatevaaa!")

Maybe I should embroider that on the next pair ; )

Actually, I am getting quite addicted to embroidery. I love this Dream Garden design. FL will call it "twee". Response as before.


didyoumakethat said...

Love it! Uber cool and groovy.

faeriecollege said...

So bad ass! I'd say these are definitely better than a Turin-shroud ;)

Annie said...

Looking good, but the idea of a "Whatevaaa!" pillowcase really appeals to me ;)

bagqueen said...

I like the dream garden design too, but I would leave out the birds I'm a bit weird about birds! The tattoo pillow cases look great, I'm always thinking I will do things like thart but never get round to it, so I'm in awe!