Saturday, August 20, 2011

Battleships, or playing with Coordinates

My constipated sewing brain needs a bomb up the derriere, so I decided to dig out my autumnal fabric stash for assessment.  I was surprised to find co-ordination... and actually, there may be something approaching a capsule wardrobe to be made from this little lot.

The following photos all feature the same gorgeous chocolatey wool / viscose mix to the far left.  That is because it only arrived today and I was checking its potential for matchiness.   It's from Little Shop of Treasures on eeebaaay.

Boom!  It works with everything!   Even if it looks like a different colour in every picture!

I want to make a brown pleated skirt, using one of these 1970's patterns.  However, I am horribly reminded of the St Angela's Ursuline Convent School for Girls' uniform.  Although I am now many many miles away from Newham, I do not wish to be mistaken for a truanting pupil.  What if a nun sees me and tells me off for wearing heels?!

The teal and brown plaid is destined to be made into some sort of pintucked blouse, but I need to make sure it is well-fitted.  I am not sure that the boxy Japanese design I had ear-marked will be suitable.  I can't stand it when my shirts end up bunched around my ears, popping out of my waistband and generally misbehaving.  I never wear my Rockabilly blouse because of this - tsk!

The green Liberty print is calling out to be made into a Sencha.  Even though I know I will regret making yet another sleeveless blouse so late in the season. It tones perfectly with my Audrey-in-Unst cardigan.
The other two fabrics are a flower-printed babycord with occasional grey sequins, and a pinstriped heavy cotton which is almost a flannel but is definitely trouser-weight.  I have enough of the cord to make a wiggle-dress, but I am not sure I would wear it very often.  I am hesitating over turning this into another Ginger skirt.  But it seems like a shame not to make full use of the yardage.
I've had Simplicity 1734 for a while now and I think it looks fab... in the picture!
Maybe I need to challenge myself and make and wear the dress.

So... a pleated skirt, a wiggle-dress, a pair of trousers and two tops?  This could be a plan!


Aberdonian said...

I love reading about your sewing adventures. I gives me faith that I can do it too. I'm currently sewing the Simplicity 1734 in the wide skirt version for a wedding in 2 weeks and I bought a petticoat to go with it!

Annie said...

Oh I do like Simplicity 1734, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Just before I discovered your blog I sold my all singing all dancing Bernina Artista. There were very good reasons for this, I thought, and I do still have an elderly Toyota machine suited to the odd curtain hem or similar. But why oh why Roo, did I not find the inspiration that is Roobeedoo before I parted with my only means of making myself clothes.

DerzaFanistori said...

Lovely, lovely babycord. I like the idea of dress made out of it.

Roobeedoo said...

Absy - where has your blog gone? Hope it comes back with pictures of your dress!
Annie - I am sure you could sew clothes on the old Toyota - go for it! I am very flattered to be described as "an inspiration"!
Yes - I need to stop staring at the fabric and get sewing, don't I?!

Scruffybadger said...

Sadly it is that time where sewing plans focus on a bit more warmth instead of pretty summery frivolousness. However, your plans are stirring excitement - the Sencha fabric - agreed you would not be able to make anything else of that one. I adore both 70s skirt patterns too. You've really got me thinking now .... looking forward to seeing the first autumn make!