Friday, August 19, 2011

End-of-week round-up

Back To School time always sends me into a spin of anxiety.
That nagging feeling that I have forgotten to do something terribly important, the absence of which will cause the sky to fall down.  It's all rubbish of course.  Life just goes on in its usual way and we get through it, even if The Girl had outgrown her PE kit and the council forgot to send her annual bus pass.

My stress was multiplied when I found a For Sale notice planted in my herb garden.  I know it is just a stupid mistake, but when I checked online, the estate agent describes the "rear garden of perennials and shrubs" as belonging to the Steading.  Err... nope!  Mine all mine!  Unless you want to do the weeding of course... ; ) 

In knitting news, I turned against my Mystery Shawl knit.  It is no more.  Pond-scum green with murky purple and lurid geranium red was never going to be a happy combination.  In large single-colour blocks it was hideous.  Rrrrrrrriiiiiip!  All gone!

But Seraphine?  Ah Seraphine is my favourite lady just now!  Scrunchy sheepy cables are slowly winding their way from my needles.  No instant gratification factor here, but the intensely satisfying feeling of gentle progress towards something permanent, a real "classic" piece of knitwear.

My flirtation with crochet for the roses on my tea cosy and the edge of my pillowcase has caught my imagination too.  Am I ready to crochet a blanket?  This has been such a long-term yearning, that maybe it is time to give in to the urge.  It just feels like such an enormous undertaking.  And I don't like having unfinished objects lying around for too long (Betty Jean -  stop smirking at me!).  I can honestly say I have nothing suitable in the stash, so it would involve buying yarn.  I wish I trusted myself enough to buy it and get on with it before it becomes another source of background worry.  Stitch-making is supposed to be fun!  A relaxation!  I wish I could stop treating my hobbies like work, with To-Do lists and Action Plans!

But right now there is a Top Of The List task to complete:  Baby One of three for 2011 has been born and I have not cranked out a present.  Come on Roo, get a move on, girl!


feresaknit said...

Loving the cables (your doing them on a circular - right? I need a lie down just at the thought). And that little show is soooooooo cute. :D

Urban Rustic said...

get that crochet hook out now! Even the most complicated crochet pattern seems to work up really quickly I think.I made two double ones and a single earlier in the year...a great way to use those bits up!!

christinelaennec said...

Your Seraphine cables are luscious! Betty Jean will just have to gaze on, jealously, for the time being. And the crocheted bootee is VERY cute. Re. treating hobbies like work - I do the same, and I'd say that I make action plans and lists *because* my various projects are so important to me, and because I like making lists! So I consider the lists and action plans for my projects to be done in a Completely Different Spirit from work. I'll worry if you start writing out reports listing learning outcomes and risk analyses though!

Roobeedoo said...

Christine - don't you think I already list my learning outcomes on the blog?! There is no escape!

Kestrel said...

Lovely cables. And I agree, nothing like a baby to spur you on with some knitting/crocheting. I could do with getting started on some more baby items.