Monday, August 15, 2011

FO: FrIll-yrian Pillowcase

Sometimes, fabric knows what it is meant to become, and nags away at its owner until they listen and do the right thing by it.
Take this s-lime green floral cotton, with fine-line illustrations of chandeliers, for example.  I tried to make it into a dress, a sort of a-line pleat-fronted pinafore.  I cut it out three years ago, and then it sat there, on top of my sewing machine, refusing to be stitched.
On Sunday, when woollen shorts were just not going to happen, it caught my eye. I fell upon it, sliced it up, and made a pillowcase.
A pillowcase with frilly crochetted edges.
The resulting object will have its detractors, I know.
But it is mine... and I have made my bed and I will lie on it!

This is why it works:
I have a leaf-green lampshade to match.  In fact, it could almost be called a leafy chandelier!
I bought this item at a time when I could not afford it.  It was designed by Tord Boontje and is made of laser-cut paper.  It is the only "interior design" object I have ever purchased for the farmhouse.
Somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe there is a 16-year-old patchwork quilt-top that I need to finish.  It is the same shade of green, with primrose yellow and a deep rosey pink. 
Sometimes, things just come together.
Unknown quantity of unknown designer quilting cotton, rescued from an Amy Butler dress tunic pattern.  I think I bought it from Nerybeth Fabrics.
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo dk yarn, from the stash.
What I did:
Drew round a pillowcase and added enough to make an inside flap / pocket on one side.  Sewed it together, hemming the ends.
Hand-stitched a row of blanket-stitch round the open end, using the dk yarn.
Half-double-crochetted one round (US crochet instructions for name of stitch.)
Then worked one round of: "single half-double-crochet into one stitch, then three double-crochets into the next stitch".  This caused the edging to frill.  This was not my intention, but I like it!  And yes, I know why it happened.


tim's wife said...

I have a patchwork quilt top that has been waiting to be finished for the same amount of years! When our last dog started sleeping on our bed, I decided, what's the use. I thought the constant washing to get rid of dog hair and scent would ruin it. When the dog passed, I told myself to get it out and finish it. I didn't and now we have another mutt on the bed. I think I should make it into a buttoned-closed duvet cover instead so it can be washed without fear of shifting batting but this puppy demands a wrestling match on the bed every night before she retires and I can't imagine doing that on my quilt. It's such a shame. The fabrics were costly and I did all that work for it to sit in my spare room unseen and unused.

feresaknit said...

WOW that light shade is something else! And which one of you is brave enough to sleep under that pile of books - I'd be borrowed about concussion. Oh and nice pillow case. :D

Roobeedoo said...

OK Denise - let's make a pact: I'll show you mine if you show me yours... and let's agree to finish those quilts before the year is out - what do you say?!

Paula - I hadn't noticed how tall my pile of books was getting - good point! It may be time to move some of them!

Sigrid said...

I recently turned a favorite length of fabric into a pillowcase because I knew I would never wear it. The great thing, though, is that I get to see it much more now and it perfectly matches a quilt I have hanging over the bed. Had I made it into something unwearable and then donated it, I would be gone.

christinelaennec said...

I love both your pillowcase and your lampshade - and I had the same worry about the books falling on top of you! I can beat you re. unmade quilts, though - 21 years! I'm not going to try to tackle it any time soon, though. In another 5 years, maybe?

Scruffybadger said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Genius peeps of colour (I suppose I mean accents, but couldn't think of the word at the time). I like your crochet edge, I would never have thought to blanket stitch around to start it off.

faeriecollege said...

Clearly the fabric knew what it wanted to be, it just needed you to realise it and facilitate its transformation. Which you did with your usual aplomb, I might add ;)

Lorna said...

What a wonderful fabric, I love the colour. Funny how we buy something and then decide it just isn't right for us. I have given away several wardrobes of clothes over the years because it turned out they "weren't me."

Anonymous said...

I love the pillowcase and the edging. Itching to be a pillowcase with crocheted edging copycat. Thanks for the pictures and directions.