Friday, August 12, 2011

To Dye For

I am having some technical issues with New Shiny Blogger, so if things look a bit strange around here... that's my excuse!

Yesterday, The Boy and His Girl mentioned that they had been looking everywhere for tie-dye t shirts:  "So why don't you make your own?"  Blank looks, followed by excitement, followed by three hours of fun with marbles, elastic bands and assorted plastic bowls!   

The photo above does not do justice to their efforts.   They are really fab rainbow shirts!  :D

Meanwhile, I had to force myself to remember that they are not 8 years old anymore and do not have to be supervised, so I took myself off to the bedroom to photograph every single skein of yarn in my stash and upload it to Ravelry.  It's all up there now.  I cannot pretend to have forgotten how much wool I own.  Now I just have to knit it all.

To which end, I started Seraphine.  This is the handspun Gotland wool I bought from a shed at the side of the road on the West Coast last year.  It is everything I love about wool:  bouncy, natural, sheepy - yes it is very sheepy!  I am not concerned by its abrasive texture - this is going to be an over-garments garment.  I had forgotten how much I love working cables.

I have also been weeding the herb garden.  It seems to have developed marigolds and cornflowers where I had given up hope - woo hoo!  It is terribly wild at the moment.  The couch grass has launched a takeover bid and I can only manage an hour a day hacking at its roots.  I have done today's shift, so now I am off to attack the fabric stash.

Then I might sew something - imagine that!?  I like having annual leave! : )


ashley0107 said...

Ooh those are some very pretty cables! :) And those tshirts!! Wow! I've only ever tie-dyed something once and I loved the outcome. It was fabric for a drawstring bag that I made in school. I don't know what happened to that bag. I'd love to inspect it now, with my new found sewing knowledge!
Ashley x

Annie said...

That brought back memories ... half a life time since I tie-dyed anything. And those really our rainbow shirts they've made!

The sheepy cables look good too :D

Kestrel said...

I'm impressed with your wool photography for Ravelry - I tried to do that onece but left the job incomplete. I think it's very worthwhile though!

Lorna said...

Could you ask the boy and his girl to come down and make us some too? They have brightened up an otherwise very grey afternoon.

christinelaennec said...

Those shirts are very cool! I love that you were able to show them to tie-dye themselves. And your cables are very beautiful. I like cables too but haven't done any for a while, hmmm... enjoy your leave!