Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another week of SSS... in which I lost my groove

OK let's start with the confession:  I lost my groove this week. 

The SSS photos say it all:  the absence of lipstick is never a good sign.

I was definitely suffering from post-conference fall-out syndrome.  I was grumpy with FL (1) for losing a package on his way to the Post Office (a garment being returned to an online retailer because it didn't fit, so that's £28 gone forever) and (2) for exploding a casserole on the hob (full power will do that to a ceramic dish) and (3) for being unwell Stop having cancer, FL, I am tired of it, do you hear me?!  To which the only possible answer is:  "Pardon?"  Even supposing I opened my mouth to say those words... which I did not.
I had Everything But The Girl on repeat in my car, singing along to poignant and nostalgic songs.  I saw a job I could do in Hull... if I didn't have to stay in Aberdeen.  Have you seen how cheap houses are in Hull?  I wouldn't even need a mortgage!

So, yeah, I was no use to anyone at the start of this week.

I started to regather myself on Thursday - hence the broccolli bouquet in my SSS picture.  And by Friday I was a coiled spring again, ready to bounce into Tiggerish action.
 Though I am still not sure about the length of this skirt... it's borderline frumpy.
I bought some yarn from Ambermoggie's destash in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support... it was Lorna's Laces so I was powerless to resist.  In theory, this will be three pairs of Christmas socks.  I am just not committing myself to THIS Christmas!

I have hopes of a stitchy weekend.

In the midst of my dark cloud, I was knitting a baby garment, and hope to finish that.
Lorna's Laces from Ambermoggie

And I am halfway up the second sleeve of Betty Jean - oh yes, I am, I am!

I am ready to sew a Ginger skirt... though I need a zip.
And I want to sew the new Colette top (Jasmine?) using teal and brown plaid, cut on the bias... though I need the pattern ; )

And I have another bin bag full of non-me-mades to go to the charity shop.  There's not much left in the wardrobe now. That's OK.
Baby knitting:  in all directions!
But... I have nothing new to read.  I finished the last of Maggie O'Farrell's novels (twice - once at speed and once to savour) and now I am bereft. 

Any recommendations?

Disc 4 of the box set of My So-Called Life is calling...

And maybe I will get out to see the new film of Jane Eyre with The Girl.

FL? He's writing his book...


Lizzi said...

.......and breathe...........:-)

I love your blog esp. when your thoughts come spilling out like that. Better out than in.

Next week will be better - I promise. (?)


Lizzi said...

...and delighted to hear that Betty Jean is back!

Emma said...

You always look wonderful, even when you think you don't. So classy, elegant and put together, but with an interesting edge. I am in awe of all you do. You are so productive.
Everyone has off days. it's allowed.
I've just started reading A Nest of Magpies by Sybil Marshall. Bought for 1p, plus the £2.98 p&p !, through Amazon.
It's a gentle, beautifully written, soft book, full of wonderful observation.

Ruth said...

Yes, you never look frumpy. First of all I don't think long skirts on slim women look frumpy - they look slender and willowy, lucky you! And secondly, with those shoes? No way is that frumpy. I understand that feeling you had but I am sure you will take joy again in your FL.

Annie said...

You always look fab ... the frump word and Roo have no place in the same sentence :)

The powers of broccoli are greater than I thought ... I could do with the energy for some Tiggerish action around here ... do you just need to hold it, or is eating it recommended ;D

grannypurple said...

Thanks to you, I have started reading Maggie O'Farrell, and am looking forward to working through all her books. My best recent other read has been "The Hare with Amber Eyes" by Edmund de Waal--fascinating family history with a lot of art thrown in. Not a novel, more like a saga!

Linda C said...

"I feel your pain,"- as one of our ex-president's used to say (not sure that he did, but it was a good line for him). I do know what a bad week is like - it gets out of line and it just keeps unwinding more and more.

I know what you mean about the week. I had the week all planned as to a very tight time schedule. Monday got messed up when I was taking my son in for some blood work- had problems with traffic, took wrong turns several times, and was a bit late. Ok- I can still get it in line. No- he was too exhausted , what with no coffee and no breakfast. I got him some - but he was so exhausted that I had to take him home (even after food and coffee) instead of to school- which meant I could not go to this school and test, because he has to take a pill everyday at noon- someone has to give it to him. Then I had a followup appointment for the wrist I broke in July - at the office 30 miles away- at 1:30 (more bad traffic) . Behind one day of work.

I went to this school on the next day- and worked until 3- got granddaughter then 25 miles away- on the way to my house I scraped someone's car, because he was not treating the flashing light as a 4 way stop but kept going. He went into a classic roadrage profile- scared me to death- but then he drove off. (chatted with police about what I should do- of course, the one day, I left the cell at home).

That was the week 3 days at other job - running by the school trying to make up Monday- picking up the kids. Too tired to even sleep.

Friday was better. Realized the vegetarian diet my husband had put us on was not6 giving me any energy- I made tuna, cheese, pasta, mushroom soup with an egg mixed in- one of my mother's in a hurry week night after work dishes- and I think I'll live. I really need carbs and animal protein.

Have a very good weekend. I love your clothes!


christinelaennec said...

You look great on all these days, even if you didn't feel it. I agree, you're allowed to have off-days or even weeks. I hope your weekend is a happy one.

faeriecollege said...

Wise of you, not to confine yourself to one Christmas. Who'd want to squander all those pretty colours on one year?

And oh, Roo! No lipstick or bad weeks or general grumpiness, you're an inspiration.

Sandy said...

Blue funk or purple funk? They don't match any lipstick I know of... it is a curious thing but when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, there are all kinds of slow-downs, mix-ups, missed communications, that sort of thing... and this happens about four times a year. The planet doesn't actually 'slow down' but it appears to take a backward motion relative to the rest of the astrological planets and where Mercury is in your natal chart is where it tends to hit you - as I have five planets in Gemini I get whacked during these time periods more often than I like. Anyhow, it is about over for this quarter so everyone can get back to their regular routines... tell FL I'm impressed with his diligence on the book!

Scruffybadger said...

Roo you always look so stylish even without #shock# lipstick! Interested to know if sss was a help through a bad week or a hassle? I know for me it can help me " pull myself together" outwardly. I've had a crazy week too that I'm glad is over. I want to breathe and rebalance. Am I allowed to blame it all on mercury? Why then dont they consult planetary movements when setting freshers' arrival at uni?

Roobeedoo said...

A "purple funk" sounds like a pretty good band! ;)
And thanks for the reading suggestions - I have been meaning to read "The Hare..." and had forgotten.