Saturday, September 10, 2011

Badger Time: A SSS Special

A certain Ms ScruffyBadger held a giveaway on her blog recently. All you had to do was leave a comment and the random number generator would pick a winner.  Simple pimple!

Now, the prize was a Badger-crafted Watch-Lace:  a beautiful rose-encrusted timepiece on a chain.  I had admired a previous version that Scruffy had shown on her blog... so of course I entered the giveaway. 
 The only condition of entry was that your comment should include a note to say what you might wear the Watch Lace with... and somewhat rashly I said I would definitely have to wear it with my Rosie Posey Tea Cosy.

That'll teach me.

Actually, it doesn't look that bad.  Perfect for my next conference! ; )
It was very hard to capture my neck and the top of my head in the same picture!

Winnie - it is lovely!  Thank you SO much!  And beautifully wrapped in paisley-print and lace!
Woo hoo! :D


Lucette said...

looks rather fetching!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I saw this on Scruffy Badger's blog, and didn't think you would actually do it! I think it looks fab. You're a great sport!! :)

Edamommy said...

Tee-hee! I think you look smashing! ^_^

Urban Rustic said...


Scruffybadger said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad you like it and well done for sticking to your rash promise! I must say the colours do lend themselves to being worn together!!! Can you make a tea posy hat?? X

christinelaennec said...

How funny! Will you occasionally wear it without the tea cosy? It's very lovely.

Dichohecho said...

Excellent, a most deserving winner :)

faeriecollege said...

I like it! And I second the suggestion/question for a Rosie Posey Tea Cosy hat. It'd be very fetching ;)