Wednesday, September 07, 2011


My respected employer thought it was time I got out a bit more... and has sent me to a conference in Glasgow.
  Sort of.

Actually... I appear to be resident in a hospital in a fairly scary area at some distance from the city centre.  So far I have not seen any men in white coats but the worry lurks at the back of my head.  Perhaps my employer took the results of my recent personality test too seriously and has decided I need to be sent away for my own good.

On arrival at the station, I had to get directions from the blood-stained butcher and as I passed the newsagents I noticed the billboard headlines referred to a local murder.  How scenic!

However, on the way here I managed to squeeze in a visit to Yarn Cake.  There was Yarn.  There was Cake.  Life is good!  I got chatting to the lovely lady who runs the place.  Did you know they are hosting a woolly weekend in October?  And Stephen West is going to be teaching there?  Ha!  That got your attention didn't it?!
I have already signed up for his Color Workshop.  Amy Singer (of Knitty) is going to be there... and others whose names I forget.
I'm sorry not to have added links, but I am using a weird apple mac device in my hotel/hospital room and it is a miracle it is even producing words on the screen as I haven't got a clue how to use it properly.
Did you know that if you email a famous knitting celebrity and invite them to teach at a knitting event, they might just say "yes!"?  It worked for the Yarn Cake lady!  And it's Stephen's birthday that day, so he thought it would be "awesome" to come to Glasgow for the weekend.  Imagine that!?  Yeah I am a fan girl.  I know I am not alone.
Well, I can't sit here chatting to the ether.  I need to go and get scrubbed up for the conference opening dinner.  Let's hope it isn't NHS catering, eh?


christinelaennec said...

Ha ha, how funny that your employers have sent you off to the loony bin! Where I work IS the loony bin. How great that you squeezed in Yarn (&) Cake as well. And clever you to find a way to blog about it as well!

I hope the catering is better than you fear. I don't suppose the conference will be as well?

Sandy said...

Sounds like the beginning of a 'yarn' of a different sort... murder in the twisted sense (LOL) but you will survive to be able to return for the knitting seminar, I am certain - lucky you!

Debi said...

I hate it when conferences are outside of the city centre!! You should definitely visit Mandors while you are in Glasgow: Next time you're up--give me a hollar--would love to meet up! I'm about to get on a plane to head stateside--woot, woot! enjoy Gles-ga!

Tanit-Isis said...

Why is it everything I hear about Glasgow sounds terrifying?

Good luck with your conferring, and congratulations on the yarn fun (also, Yarn Cake has to be one of the best shop names I've heard yet!)

faeriecollege said...

Very atmospheric indeed! Do try to avoid being given a Glasgow Kiss, won't you?

(Oh I'm so terrible about stereotypes. Sorry Glaswegians!)

Anyhoo, HAVE FUN. That class with Stephen sounds FAB.