Friday, September 30, 2011

SSS: The final week

That's it!  I am done with Self-Stitched September! I didn't launch myself into the challenge with my customary energy, so I was not surprised when it felt a bit "flat".

 And my photographer is definitely tired of his daily 8am duty.  Tuesday's "blurry with dog's bottom" picture was taken with a weary sigh.  FL - I appreciate it, I really do!


"Self-stitched" is no longer a novelty in these parts so some of my me-mades are beginning to look rather tired (like myself).  One outfit in particular is earmarked for redundancy:  the swooshy aubergine trousers with Simplicity 2501 blouse and Gap teal cardigan (Wednesday).  Through the joy of Flickr sets I can see that this was an "old faithful" in Me-Made June 2011 and Self-Stitched September 2010.   And in all that time, the trousers have been unhappily hoisted up with a belt because they are too big, the blouse is definitely faded and washed-out-looking, and there is a thumb-hole in the right cuff of the cardi, which has now developed a ladder.  But you wouldn't have known would you?!

So in answer to my mother's question about why I keep making more clothes when I have "so many"? - um, actually mum, they don't last forever when they are being worn and washed and worn and washed on a weekly basis for over a year.  And sometimes you get to the stage where you just can't look at them any longer and they've simply got to go.

So if I have learned anything from this month of documented self-stitchery, it is that the making of a garment is just the start of its life.  After the "FO shoot" there is the settling-in period when you find out what to wear it with.  My Audrey-inspired black trousers are going through that right now.  I have been wearing them twice a week, trying them out with different self-stitched tops to find out how to wear them... and realised that I like them best with a plain black shop-bought sweater!

But, yeah, I have had enough of September for so many reasons.  I would really like October to be calm and quiet with just some self-stitching to pepper it up a little.  What do you think, FL, is that a deal?


Scruffybadger said...

Oh But you always look so lovely in your self made outfits but isn't it great that they do wear out and the sewing can go on! I think it's a great exercise having to really test certain garments that have been handmade through these self stitched challenge months. Because, not everything is a success just because it's finished. As you say there's a bedding in period to kind of work out if the vision fits with reality. Tell you what I am relieved to be giving up on some of my worn outs / less than satisfactories. Well done though for a month of lovely inspiration to those like ne who are evaluating autumn and where the gaps are!

Cazz said...

Monday and Friday are my favourites. I think you suit the lighter colours against your skin better. You're a fab sewer.

christinelaennec said...

I think you look great in all your self-stitched clothes. I admire how you've come up with a - language? vocabulary? - of clothes that is so Roobeedoo and at the same time can take you to work and presumably to other places as well. It's subtle! And the fact that you MADE pretty much everything is even more amazing. (Well done also to FL for being the photographer.)

I am wishing you a very restful and fun October!