Friday, September 02, 2011

SSS: The Friday round-up plan

I promise I am not going to spam you with my daily outfits throughout September.Instead, I will use the Self Stitched September Flickr group for the daily photos and then aim for an end-of week summary post over here.
But Friday has come round fast in the first week of SSS! ; )

Day One:  South Riding:  70's does '40's
I wore:
70's pattern skirt with genuine WW2 Civil Defence buttons, blogged here.
40's pattern blouse, blogged here.
Audrey-in-Unst, blogged here.
I was desperate to wear my huge tan platform wedges... but I knew I had to make two trips over the cobbles AND a visit to a not-yet-open building, which is still full of scurrying construction personnel in hi-viz vests and hard hats.  The glass-walled lift is not fully calibrated and shoots from the basement to floor seven at an alarming speed. I lost my balance in flat shoes last week, so high heels were not an option.  Herrumph.  So I wore my cowboy boots.  Slightly incongruous.  Perhaps I need some brown brogues.
I pushed myself to wear red lipstick, but failed to make my hair behave with a pin-curled fringe.  More practice required!

Did this outfit work?
Well... it looks OK, but as I noted in my post about SSS silhouettes, puffy blouses need to be controlled by a high waistband or a belt.  This 1970's pattern skirt has no waistband and is a bit loose on me, so my blouse kept riding up and slipping out at the top.  And the front pleats had a tendency to bunch together as I walked, and swivel round to the side.

The overall effect is best described by Maggie O'Farrell in "The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox" as being: running a three-legged race with someone you don't like

I love that description!  The narrator was referring to wearing a poorly-fitting party dress.Awkwardness, constant adjustments, the constant fear of falling flat on your face with your skirt over your head.  Well... maybe not the last bit!  But it wasn't a comfortable outfit.  Thank goodness I stuck to low heels!
Day Two:  The 50/40 Remix

I wore:
1950's pattern back-buttoned sweater and kimono-sleeved cardi twinset, blogged here
1940's Eva Dress pattern trousers, blogged here
TopShop wedges because they were a good colour match.


Ah... comfort!  Warmth!  Autumnal colours!

Did this outfit work?
I felt totally at ease, but as you can see from this 8am photo, I was looking a tad dishevelled even before a day's work!

That little cardi needs some sort of fastening to pull it into shape.  Those buttons are purely ornamental.  It looked best when I discarded the top layer.

The shoes were a great colour match but once again slightly "odd", especially with black socks underneath - ahem!

I am definitely talking myself into needing a pair of brown shoes!

End of week summary:

A good start in terms of trying new outfit combinations and avoiding shop-bought clothing - woo hoo!

I promise not to mention my outfits again until next Friday!  If you can't wait til then, you can spy on all  the self-stitchers over at the Flickr group.


Debi said...

I absolutely adore both of these outfits!!!

Ashley said...

Hi there, I'm a first time visitor that has really enjoyed your me-made items on SSS flicker group. You have great style!

Jane said...

Fab outifts, you really suit that raspberry colour in the second photo. 'Go on', she whispered, 'go and buy yourself some brown shoes....!' x

Scruffybadger said...

For Some reason this didn't show up in my reader until yesterday- that or I just missed it. But LOVE these outfits and even though it was a swizzling untucking keeping you on edge outfit the first is adorable. Each piece is gorgeous but together oo la la!!